Arts & Seizures: Rob K and the Heritage Radio All Stars: 19 March 2017

“A fortress of radiation-crazed super humans…Earth’s final battle is about to begin!!!! Featuring the intrepid Rob K, Bob Bert, Jon Spencer, Peter Zaremba and Mike Edison!!!! Close the barn door, get ready for Radio Apocalypto!!!! LIVE AT 2 PM on ARTS & SEIZURES, tune into !” –

Listen live Sunday, March 19, 2PM EDT:

The band performed:

The Heritage Radio All Stars – ‘How Come Donald Trump Is Alive and Chuck Berry Is Dead?’
The Heritage Radio All Stars – Promised Land (Chuck Berry)
The Heritage Radio All Stars – ‘I Gotta Have My Insurance’
The Heritage Radio All Stars – Bye Bye Johnny (Chuck Berry)

The show can now be streamed or downloaded here:

Arts & Seizures:

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