Arts & Seizures: Edison Returns to the Radio! An Oscar’s Day Explosion! Sunday the Mike Edision and Judy McGuire radio show Arts & Seizures includes guests Jerry Portwood, Cristina Martinez and Jenni Miller.

Streaming live on, Sunday, March 2, 2014.2:00pm in EST.

Show Info:

“If you’ve been feeling that “The Fastest Half Hour on the Internet” has been too much arts and not enough seizures lately, then get ready for a return to form when I make my comeback from throat surgery and re-join my co-hostess with the mostest Judy McGuire on Arts & Seizures this Sunday for a very special show indeed!

Never mind how a team of New York’s top surgeons turned a jungle of polyps into a sterling-but-still-gruff instrument for the ages, Sunday’s show will be all about the jungle known as Hollywood as Judy and I share our brand of high-minded snark and whip-smart patter with the greatest Oscar Day panel of all time, featuring our old friend Jerry Portwood, editor of Out magazine; Boss Hog superstar and host of New York’s most exclusive Oscar party, the redoubtable Cristina Martinez; and our film critic in residence, the all-seeing Jenni Miller!

Please join us, as ever, at 2 PM this Sunday when we go live on the Heritage Radio Network with our Oscar Day broadcast, and get an adult dose of my brand new vox box! Can your heart stand it??

Tune in and turn on and please don’t forget to like our facebook page! We love you all!!”

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