Asian Dub Foundation – Rafi’s Revenge: 21st Anniversary

On 22 March 2019 the 21st Anniversary edition of Rafi’s Revenge by Asian Dub Foundation will be reissued as a double CD set with bonus tracks including the Russell Simins remix of Free Satpal Ram.


“Originally peaked at #20 on the UK album chart, and was shortlisted for the 1998 Mercury Music Prize, with Bobby Gillespie hailing them at the time as “the best live act in Britain.”

CD 1:
1. Naxalite
2. Buzzin’
3. Black White
4. Assassin
5. Hypocrite
6. Charge
7. Free Satpal Ram
8. Dub Mentality
9. Culture Move
10. Operation Eagle Lie
11. Change
12. Tribute to John Stevens

CD 2:
1. Intro
2. Real Areas for Investigation
3. Culture Move (Audio Active Pusher Sound Mix)
4. Naxalite (Adrian Sherwood Mad Scientist Dub Mix)
5. Modern Apprentice
6. Digital Underclass
7. Dub Mentality (Rafi)
8. Buzzin’ (Dylan Rhymes Remix)
9. Hypocrite
10. Charge
11. Free Satpal Ram (Russel Simmins Remix)

Barcode: 5060555212292
Catalogue Number: LMS5521229

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