Bob Bert – I’m Just The Drummer: Available Now / Please Kill Me: Interview

Bob Bert – I’m Just The Drummer is available now.

Hozac Records:

Bob Bert: View From Behind The Drum Kit:

“Then in 1986, I went to the Cat Club to see Einstürzende Neubauten, and Thurston was hanging around and he said this band just moved to town and need a drummer and I look around and see these people with their hair dyed black and brand new leather jackets from Trash and Vaudeville — they were like 19-20 years old and I was already 30. I walked over and introduced myself. I was working at Pier Platters in Hoboken. [Jon] Spencer gave me a copy of their record Groovy Hate Fuck and I wrote his number down, I hooked up with them. First rehearsals I was just playing regular kit and John Hammill was banging on metal, and Jon [Spencer] said, “I’ve been thinking about combining the two elements.” We went to a junkyard and made this drum kit — a bass drum with a gas tank on top and a cowbell and snare drum with metal around it, and Steve Albini donated his cock ring, and I played with a drumstick in my right hand and a metal rod in the other. It made this great sound. I was really into that — it was this perfect combination of industrial music and garage rock. Jon [Spencer], when he moved to New York he had his records at my house, and it was all Pebbles and Back From The Grave — [sixties] garage stuff.”


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