Bob Bert Interview: It’s Psychedelic Baby Magazine

NEW Bob Bert interview with It’s Psychedelic Baby Magazine.


“Let’s talk about some of your recent recordings first. How did you get involved with Jon Spencer & the HITmakers, I guess the initial connection was Pussy Galore?

Bob Bert: Yes, Pussy Galore pretty much ended in 1990, Jon Spencer and I went our separate ways musically. He had a nice long run through the 90’s and 2000’s with The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Boss Hog, Heavy Trash et cetera. In 2017 or so he recorded his first solo album ‘Spencer’s Got The Hits’. He overdubbed a bunch of metal percussion and asked me to join the live band. I had been playing and touring the world with Lydia Lunch Retrovirus and occasionally playing and recording with the Wolfmanhattan Project with Kid Congo Powers and Mick Collins. So I said yes to Jon and since then we’ve played over 200 shows around the world. We recorded an album called ‘Spencer Got It Lit’ in 2021, released in 2022 which like the first one included Sam Coomes (Quasi, Elliott Smith) on synths and vocals and M. Sord on drums.”

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