Crunt – Tour Dates

1994.00.00 *The band had arranged a Peel Session and were hoping to do a short tour to support the album release but these never happened.*

In an interview with Conan Neutron (13 May 2022) Stuart Gray discussed the cancelled dates:

“…her label and everything kind of sabotaged the whole thing to a certain extent. ’cause I had a whole tour lined up, Crunt, it was getting great reviews in England, stuff like that and we had a John Peel session lined up and all that kind of stuff. And then those guys, for whatever reason, because they already had happening bands, Russell and Kat decided not to do the tour or were talked out of it, well, certainly Kat was talked out of the tour by her management and stuff.”

1993.08.10 Off Ramp Seattle, WA US Info / Set List
1993.00.00 Bad Animals (Studio Session with Joan Jett) Seattle, WA US Info
1993.00.00 Showbox Seattle, WA US
1993.00.00 Colourbox Seattle, WA US Info / Photo
1993.00.00 Seattle, WA US *shows around Seattle*
1993.02.00 Ranch Seattle, WA US Recording ‘Crunt’