Disturbios: Forthcoming Release

Disturbios – forthcoming album by Matt and Rocío Verta-Ray, released by Midnight Cruiser Records on May 21, 2021.

Recorded at N.Y. HED Studio and features Jon Spencer (baritone guitar on Jesus I Was Evil), Bloodshot Bill (Big Boss Man), Sam Baker (Little Bird Got Swallowed and Summer Loves) and more.

PRE-ORDER on black or pink vinyl here: https://midnightcruiserrecords.bandcamp.com/album/disturbios

Disturbios – Starr stream here: https://li.sten.to/VPLPUKT

Single Premier: https://bigtakeover.com/news/VideoPremiereStarrbyDisturbios

“Rocio’s keys are pristinely Lennon-esque and Phil Gionfriddo’s vocal aesthetic feels exquisitely earnest and cool and, for some odd and wonderful reason, I flashed on a crashing together of Stephen Malkmus (Pavement) and Harry Nilsson, two luminaries who you might now utter in the same breath. Maybe it is the vocal aesthetic that roller coasters in such artful ways, with rushes and steps back, that surprise. Totally having a crush on the Disturbios sound…
…So rad. So beautiful.” – Robb Donker Curtis / American Pancake

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