February 12 – On This Day!

1988: Pussy Galore – Boardwalk, Manchester, UK
w/ Membranes and King of the Slums

Recordings from this show appear on This Friday Night Only.

“New Yorkers Pussy Galore are yet another one of those groups who induce much knicker-wetting and can do no wrong. Tight-edged buzz thrash scratch metal on metal…the kids trash up the garage while pop’s at the office.

Bob Bert bashes a Cadillac and Jon Spencer’s long drawn-out drawl of the “f” and “c” words is at the forefront of each sweaty, adolescent mind and by tradition, the customary, predominantly male, audience grabs its sappy crotch and flings itself into bum-fluff, ass-gripping contact. The mental groove has a message: rock out heavy f***in’ killer, keep playin’, keep hatin’.” – Jacqueline Hart / Melody Maker

1994: The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – The Garage, London, UK
w/ Done Lying Down and Linus

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Wail: Capitol Records Promo Video dated February 12, 1997

2002: The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Mains D’Oeuvre, Paris, France

2003: The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – 123 Pleasant Street, Morgantown, US

2012: Boss Hog – Mike & Judy Show, Brooklyn, New York, US
Jon Spencer and Cristina Martinez interview and I Dig You performance.

2012: Cat Power & Dirty Delta Blues – The Venue, Tel Aviv, Israel – SHOW CANCELLED

2013: The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Molodiciotto Musica 90, Turin, Italy
Live Photo: Andrea Bracco (https://www.instagram.com/andreabraccophoto/)

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