January 19 – On This Day!

1986: Pussy Galore – The Beach, Austin, TX, US
w/ Texas Instruments, Peach of Immortality and Jaguars
nb. Last show of the PG/Peach of Immortality “Fuck Sky Bear” trek.

During the Peach Of Immortality days, you ended up sharing a DC space with Pussy Galore and briefly became a member in the band. How did that transpire?

TS: I found some cassettes in a trash can at an apartment. One was Pussy Galore, which sounded like Jesus And Mary Chain meets Test Department. Amazing. Good sleeve. Jon Spencer wrote everything in this horror font. He was a good illustrator. There was a number on the tape, I called, and they invited me over to their space. They needed a drummer, which I wasn’t but I could count to four. I went to visit them at their massive house in Georgetown. I went down the stairs into the basement, and there was Jon and Julia Cafritz. That’s how I got in Pussy Galore. I contributed a few ideas, but Jon pretty much wrote everything. And then we toured with both Pussy Galore and Peach Of Immortality, which was bizarre. After the tour I got kicked out of Pussy Galore because Jon and Julia thought I was trying to be their own Malcolm McLaren. Which was probably true to an extent.” – Tom Smith interview from thequietus.com

1988: Pussy Galore – Possible European Tour Date (any ideas? there’s a few gaps in the PG listings for 12 – 24 January 1988)

1992: Honeymoon Killers (w/ Judah Bauer) – Negativ, Frankfurt, Germany

1999: The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – The Club at Firestone, Orlando, FL, US

2003: The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Showplace Theatre Buffalo, New York, US

2008: Heavy Trash – Werkstatt, Köln, Germany

2010: Heavy Trash – Manufaktur, Schorndorf, Germany
Set List Photo: Tobias Sauer

2012: Joseph Arthur (with Russell Simins) – Travel as Equals live on the Late Show with David Letterman, Ed Sullivan Theatre, New York City, NY, US

2013: The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – The Bottletree, Birmingham, AL, US
w/ Cheap Time

2019: Jon Spencer & The HITmakers – Skyline Sessions / Houston Public Media, Houston, TX, US

HITmakers show #47

2019: Jon Spencer & The HITmakers – House of Blues, Houston, TX, US
Set List / Ticket / Live Photo: Greg Rabel (https://www.facebook.com/greg.rabel/)

HITmakers show #48

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