Lyrics > The Sadies – No One’s Listening

Writer: The Sadies
Published: sadiesmusic / SOCAN
Release: The Sadies – Colder Streams (LP, US)
Source: The Sadies
Notes: This song features Jon Spencer on fuzz guitar.
Close your eyes
Picture yourself all alone
Safe inside your head
When you hear me count down from three
you won’t remember what I said

You’ll wake up to find you just don’t care
Like I was never even there
Then you can do what you want
It doesn’t matter

And I’m not hurting anyone at all
Hear the sound of your broken heart
As you drift away
Let yourself forget the dreams we had
Right before you wake

You won’t know about the things I’ve done
You won’t see what I become
And what you don’t know
Can’t hurt you anymore

Hear the sound of my voice counting down
From three to one
Open your eyes
And look at how it is instead of how it was

Sometimes we see things how we want them to be
But some things can never come clean
And something’s can never be unseen

I can do what I want
No one’s watching me
I can say what I want
No one’s listening to me
I can be myself
I’m not hurting anyone at all