March 19 – On This Day!

1996: Boss Hog – Zeche Carl, Essen, Germany

1997: The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – The Fillmore, San Francisco, California, US
w/ Sleater Kinney

“Spencer’s wild stage antics and utter emotional ferocity on stage is seldom matched. I can only think of guys like James Brown or David Yow of The Jesus Lizard who even are up to that level of insanity. I was hooked and joined their armies of admirers of Sleater-Kinney and the Explosion that night without hesitation and would be fortunate to see both bands again soon afterwards.” –

Live Photos / Ticket: Jacksonville Johnson (
Show Times / Sleater Kinney Article:

2001: Russell Simins – Molotow, Hamburg, Germany
w/ Montana Chromeboy

2005: 20 Miles – Bitter End / SXSW, Austin, TX, US

2006: Heavy Trash – The Spitz, London, UK

Live Photo: Graham Russell (via
Jon Spencer Portrait: Michael Gibbons
Thanks to ‘bluesxman’ for the poster image.

2010: V/A feat. Jon Spencer – Agile, Mobile, Hostile: A Year With Andre Williams – DVD release date

2010: Heavy Trash – Festival Blues Autour du Zinc, Beauvais, France

2015: Jon Spencer (Interview) – NPR: All Things Considered, New York, US

2016: The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Club Manufaktur e.V., Schorndorf, Germany
w/ Roy & The Devil’s Motorcycle

2017: The Heritage Radio All Stars* – Arts & Seizures, Brooklyn, New York, US

*Rob Kennedy, Jon Spencer, Bob Bert, Mike Edison and Peter Zaremba

Two shows were recorded at the same time with the second one, also featuring Cliff Mott, was broadcast the following week on 26 March 2017.

nb. These were recorded the day after the death of Chuck Berry.


Show One – Radio Apocalypto:

‘How Come Donald Trump Is Alive and Chuck Berry Is Dead?’
Promised Land (Chuck Berry)
‘I Gotta Have My Insurance’
Bye Bye Johnny (Chuck Berry)

Show Two – Return of The Brain Eaters:

‘Let’s Work Together’
‘Dead Landlord Blues’ / Swamp Thing
‘What Has Happened to America?’
‘Presidential Blues’

Photo Credit (Colour): Caki Kennedy
Others posted online by Mike Edison and Bob Bert

2019: Jon Spencer & The HITmakers – Auditorium Flog, Firenze, Italy
w/ Go!Zilla

HITmakers show #76

Live Photo: Simone Fiorucci (

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