March 21 – On This Day!

1996: Boss Hog – possible European tour date

1997: The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – La Luna, Portland
w/ Sleater Kinney

1997: Suburbia: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack – released in Japan
*feat. Boss Hog – I’m Not Like Everybody Else*

2001: Russell Simins – possible German tour date

2006: Kill The Moonlight CD/DVD reissued in the US
*Russell Simins appears on the Beck song ‘Leave Me On The Moon’*

2010: Heavy Trash – 6par4, Laval, France

2019: Jon Spencer & The HITmakers – Kontakt / SubBeerni Centar, Belgrade, Serbia

HITmakers show #78

Bob Bert photo: Nemanja Đorđević (

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