March 31 – On This Day!

1988: Pussy Galore – Drums, New York City, NY, US*
w/ B.A.L.L. (and possibly The Gun Club)

*The exact date of this show is unconfirmed. The New York Times article would make the date March 31, 1988 but The Gun Club show at this venue is recorded in many places as March 29, 1988 with Die Monster Die supporting and the band are documented in Canada on March 31, 1988.

Although Pussy Galore did play with The Gun Club in March 1988 it is not known exactly at which shows both bands performed.

“The group grooved with split-second agility from one odd, off balanced rhythmic pattern to another. The drummer, Bob Bert, with a gas tank strapped to his bass drum, a car spring on top of that and sheets of metal attached to his snare drum, slammed out industrial, stamp-press beats. In its rock extremism, Pussy Galore is trying to squeeze meaning out of rock, when much of rock’s original power has been drained away. It’s a tough job, but the group does it well.” – Peter Watrous, New York Times (4 April 1988)

Live Photo: Macioce Photography (

1994: The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – The Warfield, San Francisco, CA, US
w/ The Breeders and Th’ Faith Healers

1999: The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Studio 22, ABC, Sydney, Australia
*Broadcast on 15 July 1999*

“We love rock ‘n’ roll, we love country, we love blues, we love soul, we love funk, we love rap, we love free jazz, we love all different kinds of music but the thing is it wouldn’t mean anything if we weren’t doing something new with it, if we weren’t putting some kind of twist or spin on it, if there wasn’t some kind of…something coming from each of us, if there wasn’t some kind of stamp of us as individuals, as us as people, something that makes we we do special and unique.

You know, and that’s it. Yeah, you can dig all you want in the past but if you’re just doing the same old thing, that’s boring, you’ve got to do something new, you’ve got to do something special. There’s got to be something from the person, something of the people.” – Jon Spencer

1999: The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Empire Theatre, Sydney, Australia

2002: The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – 18. Osterrocknacht, Philipshalle, Düsseldorf, Germany
w/ Yeah Yeah Yeahs

2007: Jena Malone And Her Bloodstains (poss w/ Russell Simins) – Gramercy Theater, Manhattan, New York City, NY, US
w/ Birdmonster and Mason Proper

2010: Heavy Trash – Lux, Lisbon, Portugal
w/ The Legendary Tigerman and Bloodshot Bill

2017: Boss Hog – The Waiting Room, Buffalo, New York, US
w/ Mallwalkers

Ticket Image: Kris McCulley

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