November 23 – On This Day!

1926: Happy Birthday R.L. Burnside (November 23, 1926 – September 1, 2005)

1988: Pussy Galore – Mean Fiddler, Harlesden, London, UK
Released as bootleg album: Cum Into My Mouth

NME Photo: Chris Clunn
Melody Maker Photo: Mike Morton

“Pussy Galore played a vicious street brawl of a set, leaving the impression that the band pursue a musical scorched-earth policy in the hope that the traditions on which they base their impressive music can never be used again.” – John Peel / Observer

“Pussy Galore are immense; coming across like some bastard Kraftwerk with the aid of conventional instruments. They exist in subterranean netherworlds where everything’s gone askew, the telescreens are blank and our deranged minds are at the end of their tether. All preconceptions about ‘the guitar’ are turned around and sold down the river. In their place, shrouded figures wearing death-masks pray for the new sun.” – Dele Fadele / NME

“Jon’s guttural vocals, mixed six times under the PA system, have a perfect counterfoil in the other two guitarists and Julia’s traumatic presence. And, just when you think its all too much, in comes Julia with a thrusting microphone welter, Jon throws his guitar off, and we start all over again.” – Everett True / Melody Maker

“With an extra guitar, Pussy Galore are now 24 rusty cheesewire strings slicing up the kind of scrawny multi-story garage riffs that would have scared even Bryon Gregory’s Cramps.” – Paul Splotch / Sounds

1993: The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – 40 Watt Club, Athens, US
Released as bootleg LP: Live!! 11.23.1993

1995: Boss Hog – Moe, Seattle, WA, US
w/ Railroad Jerk

Poster Artwork: Jeff Kleinsmith

1996: The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – SOMA, San Diego, CA, US
w/ R.L. Burnside

2004: Blues Explosion – Jonesy’s Jukebox (Indie 103.1 FM), Los Angeles, CA, US


Burn It Off
Start of Pretty Vacant ( String breaks )
Pretty Vacant again with new strings …. it works. “Steve Jones Blues Explosion”

This recording of Rattling featuring Steve Jones was released on Snack Cracker. credits the artist for Pretty Vacant as “Steve Jones Blues Explosion”.

2004: Blues Explosion – Henry Fonda Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, US
w/ The Gossip

Poster Artwork: Tara McPherson

2007: The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Jukebox Explosion Rockin’ Mid-90s Punkers – released in Japan

2009: Heavy Trash – Kung Fu Necktie, Philadelphia, PA, US
w/ Jukebox Zeros and Delco Nightingale

2019: Jon Spencer & The HITmakers – Ulster Sports Club, Belfast, Northern Ireland
w/ New Pagans

HITmakers show #133

Poster Artwork: Michael Eaton
Photos: Anna (

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