NYC rocker Jon Spencer returns with new band: “It’s still a fix I’m chasing”

NEW Jon Spencer interview and show preview for Saw Centre, Ottawa, ON (January 28, 2023) with Casa Lagarto.

Q: Well, you’ve made a great album, and it sounds like it will be an awesome live show.

A: I think so. I don’t mean to brag but I think we’re a pretty good band. It’s my job to try as hard as I can to present the best rock ‘n’ roll show I can, at least as I see it. The kind of show I would like to see. With this project, there are some nods to my history, too. The most obvious is Bob Bert banging on pieces of metal. But it’s not just some nostalgia trip. It’s not a rehash or some retro thing. I think it’s firmly in the present and very much doing something new.

Full Interview:

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