October 4 – On This Day!

http://www.austinchronicle.com/blogs/music/2013-10-05/acl-live-shot-pacha-massive-blind-boys-of-alabama-jd-mcpherson-and-jon-spencer-blues-explosion/1987: Pussy Galore – The U Club, Norman, Oklahoma, US
w/ Tribal Muttering

1996: The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Manchester University, Manchester, UK
w/ R.L. Burnside

“The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – currently as exciting as any live band in the world – celebrate rock’n’roll in a way even Rocket From The Crypt are calling evangelical, “Get a whiff of my pant leg, baby” never sounded like a better invitation.” – Danny Eccleston, Mojo

“Devoid of a bass player, the responsibility to heroically hold together JSBE’s fragile component parts falls entirely upon drummer Russell Simins. Wether keeping a steady mid-tempo groove on older tunes like ‘Afro’ and ‘Bellbottoms’, or hammering through blistering cuts from current album ‘Now I Got Worry’, he gives Spencer himself the freedom to climb on his amps, play with his theremin and shout “Blues Explosion!” without ever losing the plot.

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion are the meanest horniest slice of rams-lama rock ‘n’ on the planet. Genius of the highest order.” – Meany, Kerrang

Poster / Ticket Stub: Tom A Deakin
Photo / Review: Kerrang

2002: The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – House of Blues, Las Vegas, NV, US
w/ Liars and Yeah Yeah Yeahs

“In the shadow of the pyramidal Luxor hotel – the only place on Earth where you can get fleeced by a Pharoah – the new slum punk of New York City feels as filthy and as nail-yer-eyelids-open fascinating as a John’n’Edwina internet porn clip. JON SPENCER howls like a hellcat with herpes, wears plastic trousers and falls over from too much blues (which is brilliant).” – Mark Beaumont / NME

Tour Poster: Paul Pope

2004: Blues Explosion – Carling Academy, Bristol, UK – POSTPONED –

*This show was rescheduled for 24 October 2004, postcard shows original dates.*

2006: Heavy Trash – Grey Eagle, Asheville, NC, US
w/ The Sadies and Suttree

Poster Artwork: Travis Medford

2006: Little Barrie – Stand Your Ground – released in Japan

2008: Heavy Trash – Crystal Bay Club, Las Vegas, NV, US

2009: Heavy Trash – Rio Vizela Festical, Vila Des Aves, Portugal

2012: The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Abbey Bar at Appalachian Brewing Company, Harrisburg, US

2013: The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – ACL Music Festival, Zilker Park, Austin, Texas, US

Live Photo: Shelley Hiam
Poster Artwork: Carlos Hernandez

“If the Blind Boys were a tough act to follow, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion would have proved damn near impossible. The Nineties stalwarts returned with last year’s raw Meat + Bone after an eight-year hiatus. The power trio showed all grit and no rust, unleashing a deafening barrage of dirty blues, gutter punk, and no-frills rock & roll with a touch of distorted theremin for chaotic good measure. It was fast, furious, and fuck-off fantastic.” – austinchronicle.com

2019: S-E-R-V-I-C-E – State Street Pub, Indianapolis, IN, US
w/ White Wax, Cario Jag and Hyper Tensions

Flyer Artwork: Ryan Dunn

nb. a modified version of this poster artwork was used for the cover of the S-E-R-V-I-C-E album Drag Me.

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