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Beastie Boys
Select: Nasty As They Wanna Be (PRESS, UK)
SCAN: Short contribution from Russell Simins about the Beastie Boys
Select: Odelay [Review / Advert] (PRESS, UK)
Xavier Benoit
Flanders Today: The Man Behind The Bands (PRESS, EUROPE)
Black Devil Disco Club Circus [Review] (PRESS, EUROPE)
TEXT: “More interestingly, though, are the unexpected collaborations. American indie blues don Jon Spencer speaks his bad ass way through the introductory “Fuzzy Dream”…”
2011.05.05 Circus [Review] (PRESS, EUROPE)
2011.05.05 Circus [REVIEW] (PRESS, US)
TEXT: “That charming quality is enhanced by the album’s reliance on vocals provided by cast of oddly appropriate guests, including Blues Explosions’ Jon Spencer (sounding very Nick Cave)…”
R.L. Burnside
Pulse!: Jon Spencer / R.L. Burnside [Cover / Article] (PRESS, US)
Melody Maker: A Ass Pocket of Whiskey (PRESS, UK)
“No suprises here, but plenty of treats: Jon Spencer’s cochlea-piercing yelp at the close of “Snake Drive”; the humours hustlers’ exchange between Spencer and Burnside in “The Criminal Inside Me”; the murderous but casual urgency that drives “Goin’ Down South””
Cat Power
Cat Power – Q: Woman On The Verge of a Nervous Breakthrough (PRESS, UK)
Cat Power – Q: Sun Review (PRESS, UK)
Cat Power – Mojo: Interview (PRESS, UK)
Cat Power – Uncut: Sun [Review] (PRESS, UK)
The Stool Pigeon: Solar Flair [Interview] (PRESS, UK)
2012.06.18 Cat Power @ Theatre Royal (PRESS, AUSTRALIA)
TEXT: ” Despite a long tease, there was no encore. But one wasn’t necessary after absorbing the cool, cathartic songs that should form the bulk of the next Cat Power record.”
2011.01.22 Cat Power @ The Astor (PRESS, AUSTRALIA)
TEXT: “Marshall showed her gracious side, and proved she was indeed a natural and down to earth performer by the end of the set.”
NME: Shepherds Bush Empire (PRESS, UK)
LIVE REVIEW (TEXT): “The legendary fragile Cat Power, she of the onstage freak-outs and intoxicated, incoherent mid-song ramblings, is no longer with us. The clouds have cleared both over Shepherds Bush and onstage tonight, as a sober Ms Chan amazes all…”
The Stool Pigeon (PRESS, UK)
INTERVIEW/ARTICLE (TEXT): “After a decade in the wilderness, during which time it was suspected he may have been claimed by his heroin addiction, Jonathan Fire*Eater’s extraordinary frontman Stewart Lupton is back with a new band, Childballads. But he remains unsure whether he’s got it in him to find the success he always craved.”
Mike Edison Rock ‘n’ Roll Liner Notes as Art (PRESS, US)
TEXT: “I love Jon, we’ve been friends for a long time, and I am not being the least bit obsequious when I say that the Blues Explosion is pretty much my favorite band, at least of the last twenty years.”
Experimental Tropic Blues Band
The Experimental Tropic Blues Band – Rock & Folk: Problemes Avec La Police (PRESS, FRANCE)
Orr Magazine: The Experimental Tropical Blues Band – Liquid Love [REVIEW] (PRESS, NL)
TEXT: Dutch language review.
2012.02.00 The Experimental Tropical Blues Band – Melancholisch? Wij?
TEXT: Dutch language interview.
RifRaf: Bites, Burgers & Castagnettes (PRESS, BELGIUM)
SCAN: French-language article about Experimental Tropic Blues Band.
La Critique De Bouli: Liquid Love [Review] (PRESS, BELGIUM)
Les New York Stories du Tropic Blues Band (PRESS, BELGIUM)
TEXT: French-language article about Experimental Tropic Blues Band’s visit to New York to record their album
Trois questions à Jon spencer Le flamboyant leader du Blues Explosion connaît le Lower East Side comme (PRESS, BELGIUM)
TEXT: Short French-language interview with Jon Spencer
Five Dollar Priest
Mojo: Five Dollar Priest (PRESS, UK)
SCAN: “Pulpy noir thrills from New York sleaze supergroup.”
David Holmes
NME: Bow Down to the Exit Sign [REVIEW] (PRESS, US)
Jack O’ Fire
Interviews Regarding: Bring Me The Head of Jon Spencer (PRESS, US)
TEXT: “Tim saw the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion opening for the Jesus Lizard and said Spencer played some harp. At that time, we’d only played as Jack ‘O Fire a few times. Later, I met Spencer while I was touring with ’68 Comeback opening up for Boss Hogg. Spencer looked me over and asked if I was Jack ‘O Fire- like he was angry. “
Japanese Popstars
Artrocker / NME / Music Week / Mixmag: Controlling Your Allegiance [REVIEWS] (PRESS, UK)
SCANS: Short album reviews
DJ Mag: The Rising Sons [ARTICLE] (PRESS, UK)
SCAN: “‘Destroy’ could be an homage to the Chemical Brothers with its dark, dirving rhythms and edgy, powerful vocals,”
Mojo: Controlling Your Allegiance [REVIEW] (PRESS, UK)
TEXT: “… like Spencer’s contribution, Destroy, a deliciously oppressive amphetamine trip”
2011.05.21 The Japanese Popstars: Destroy (PRESS, UK)
TEXT: “The video is about Jon Spencer who seems very dragged down by society, he reminds me of something similar to Michael Douglas in the movie ‘Falling Down’ and as the video moves on, he starts to see random ‘strange things’ in the world around him. It’s all very B-movie and we think it looks extremely cool. Jon is an absolute legend and from the video, plays a great character too! “
2010.06.04 The Japanese Popstars Set To Release Astralwerks Debut (PRESS, US)
TEXT: “The Japanese Popstars are ravenous. Since they first tasted success in 2006 with their first two releases on a small indie dance label, their career has been one smooth upward curve, but now that line is about to take a sharp rise vertically.”
Tilllate: The Japanese Popstars – Interview (PRESS, US)
Rob K / Workdogs Jam Messengers Interview (PRESS, US)
TEXT: Interview with Jam Messengers in which Rob K talks about Workdogs, Gibson Bros. and Jon Spencer.
Mama Rosin
Abus Dangereux: L’epice du Vieux Carre (PRESS, FRANCE)
Les Inrockuptibles: That’s All Right Mama (PRESS, FRANCE)
Bye Bye Bayou [Press Release] (PRESS, SWITZERLAND)
Line of Best Fit: Introducing Mama Rosin (PRESS, UK)
TEXT: “Jon Spencer asked to produce this album, and hey we are big fans of his music, so it worked for us! I think it is fair to say that Bye Bye Bayou reflects the way our music has been evolving since the release of our last album recorded 3 years ago. And by working with Jon, we were able to explore these directions further.
Money Mark
NME: Albums of The Year 1998 (PRESS, UK)
COMPLETE TEXT: “17, Push The Button, Money Mark (Mo’Wax). All of the hop, with out being self-conciously hip. Money mark is madcap keyboard repairman turned madcap creator of wonderously casual, deliciously unrestrained pop and vital Beastie Boys collaborator. “Push The Button” is funky, groovy and joyous, his Old Skool report reads: “Couldn’t do much better.””
Vox: Push The Button [Review] (PRESS, UK)
TEXT: “Three albums on from those days, Money Mark has blossomed from the cheesy, breezy keyboard king of the Beasties’ hip little empire into a sputtering engine of garage rock, ’70s soul and Lord knows what else. And the results are quite marvellous.”
Push The Button Sampler Select: Push The Button Sampler (PRESS, UK)
SHORT ARTICLE (TEXT): “Russell Simins plays the drums and Sean Lennon plays bass. There was no logic to the video. This man was telling me a war story. He was supposed to cross the channel and he didn’t really wanna go, so he tied the wheel up to make the boat go in a big circle. So I did the same with my car.”
Melody Maker: Phat Cash / Push The Button [Review] (PRESS, UK)
TEXT: “From the catchy “Too Like You” to the mouth-watering country drawl of “Rock In The Rain”; from the deep-fried “Maybe I’m Dead” marching about to the clatter of spoons on saucepans to the gorgeous Booker-T-meets-Lennon soul of “Hand In Your Head“, this is pure pop for anytime people.”
Select: The Mild Mannered Janitor / Hand In Your Head [Review] (PRESS, UK)
TEXT: “Welcome to the cabinet-crafting, Espace-driving, roach-toking, child-rearing, desert-dwelling, Cheap Trick-loving world of the Beasties’ experimental keyboard king Mark Ramos-Nishita. A world where out mild mannered hero, previously a full-time carpenter and part-time session player, was hired to build record shelves for Adam ‘Ad Rock’ Horowit…”
The Monks
Mojo: The Transatlantic Feedback [Review] (PRESS, UK)
The Stool Pigeon: The Transatlantic Feedback [Review] (PRESS, UK)
Karen O
Purple Fashion Magazine (PRESS, FRANCE) 2007.00.00
The Sadies
Mojo: In Concert Volume One [Review] (PRESS, UK)
SCAN: short review
Fred Schneider
Select: Just Fred [Review] (PRESS, UK)
Schneider TM
NME:Grand Slang [Review] (PRESS, UK)
“Crack open the White Lightning, oh quality-deprived indie children – City Slang, alt-pop’s most faithful benefactor, is ten years young. And what finer way to celebrate a decade of inspired esoterica than this cookie-warming grab-bag of rarities and previously unavailable lovelies?”
Harper Simon
Black Book: Harper Simon [Review] (PRESS, US) Black Book: Harper Simon [Review] (PRESS, US) 2009.11.10
Rock n Reel: Harper Simon [Review] (PRESS, US) Rock n Reel: Harper Simon [Review] (PRESS, US) 2009.10/11
USA Today: Harper Simon [Review] (PRESS, US) USA Today: Harper Simon [Review] (PRESS, US) 2009.10.20
The People: Harper Simon [Review] (PRESS, US) The People: Harper Simon [Review] (PRESS, US) 2011.09.16
Paper: Harper Simon [Review] (PRESS, US) Paper: Harper Simon [Review] (PRESS, US) 2009 / 2010
The Huffingston Post: Harper Simon [Review] (PRESS, US) The Huffingston Post: Harper Simon [Review] (PRESS, US) 2009.10.13
The Huffingston Post: Harper Simon [Review] (PRESS, US) Spinner: Harper Simon [Review] (PRESS, US) 2009.10.14
Clash: The Sound of Simon: Harper Simon (PRESS, UK)
“And then I have so many people that I enjoy playing with in my touring band, which are some players from Cat Power and some from Jenny Lewis’ scene, and Russell Simmons from Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, who plays drums in my band. I imagine maybe I’ll make a record more with those guys and maybe with Tom Rothrock.”
Rolling Stone: The Reluctant Frontman: Harper Simon (PRESS, US)
Rolling Stone: Harper Simon [Review] (PRESS, US)
The Slew / Kid Koala Kid Koala Recruits Mike Patton and Jon Spencer for New… (PRESS, UK)
“As for Jon [Spencer], we’ve been meaning to do some stuff together for the last couple of years. We were originally going to do something just the two of us, but I think the Slew is better suited to his voice. It’s got this really kind of sludge-bluesy roughness that’s just perfect for him.” “
We Are Hex
Big Take Over: Lewd Nudie Animals [Review] (PRESS, US)
NME: White Pepper [Review] (PRESS, US)
Andre Williams
Classic Rock: Andre Williams & The Sadies (PRESS, UK)
The Blues: Night & Day Review (PRESS, UK)
SCAN: One-page Spanish-language article
Ruta 66: Andre Williams & The Sadies – Night & Day [Review](PRESS, SPAIN)
SCAN: One-page Spanish-language article
The Word: Andre Williams & The Sadies – Night & Day [Review] (PRESS, UK)
Popular 1: Andre Williams [Interview] (PRESS, SPAIN)
SCAN: Mentions recording with Jon Spencer.
Workdogs / Rob K Jam Messengers Interview (PRESS, US)
TEXT: Interview with Jam Messengers in which Rob K talks about Workdogs, Gibson Bros. and Jon Spencer.
Vino Fanzine (PRESS, SPAIN) 2014.00.00

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