R.L. Burnside – Mr. Wizard: Blue Vinyl Available Now!

R.L. Burnside – Mr. Wizard is available exclusively from FatPossum.com on electric blue vinyl, limited to 300 copies.

LINK: https://store.fatpossum.com/products/mr-wizard-exclusive-color-vinyl

Mr. Wizard features The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion performing with R.L. Burnside and Kenny Brown on the songs Alice Mae and Highway 7.

“R.L. Burnside’s blues ain’t no kid glove, overproduced live shit. This is evil, wicked, mean and nasty. And that’s why it’s so cool.” – The Music Scene

“RL gets tired easily these days and welcomes a tornado’s help in finishing the job he started. Tidal waves, volcanoes, and yes, even wars – they are all his buddies. From town to town, country to country, they move on with a consistent beat, guitars yelling and screaming with the voice of God, and the Wizard sitting on a chair of skulls with any old guitar and moaning, “well, well, well,” at a bewildered audience.” – Excerpt from Liner Notes

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