“Recovery: The Music and The Mayhem”

“We couldn’t do anything about it, it was live,” Dylan Lewis laughs, describing the moment when he and the rest of the Recovery crew watched in horror (and delight) as The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion began to physically tear down the set in 1997.

“You can’t just stop recording. And that’s what defined Recovery — the moments when it all went wrong. That’s everyone’s favourite, Jon Spencer, and it’s up there with my favourites too. It was the moment that music television made sense to me and Recovery was defined. Like ‘this is what we can do, these are the moments we can get.’ It’s beautiful to watch, isn’t it? I loved it. I loved seeing that again.” – junkee.com

“‘Oh my god, this is the greatest moment that’s ever happened on television and I’m standing here watching it live. How wonderful and magical.’ At the end of it, I think I said something like, ‘Yep, my life is complete. This is what we came here to do, this is what rock’n’roll is.’ It was such an amazing, transformative moment and it really did make me realise how powerful [Recovery] could be.” – themusic.com.au

Trailer for the documentary “Recovery: The Music and The Mayhem” featuring The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and quotes from interviews with Dylan Lewis about the show.

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