Rock à la Casbah » #490 – Heavy Trash World

“Rock à la Casbah » #490 Heavy Trash World” features Leave That Junk Alone, Wet Book, Out Demon Out and Viva Dolor from the new Heavy Trash album Noir!


Track List:

Heavy TrashNoir! – Leave That Junk Alone
Solex – The Sound of Map of Netherland – Noord Holland
Gemma Ray – Down Baby Down – The Low Rising
Speedball Baby – The Blackout – Three Quater Man
The Jon Spencer Blues ExplosionPlastic Fang – Sweet and Sour
Bloodshot Bill – 45t – Degueu Burger
Heavy TrashNoir! – Wet Book
Heavy TrashNoir! – Out Demon Out
Heavy TrashHeavy Trash – Dark Hair Rider
Heavy TrashGoing Way Out with Heavy Trash – Kissy Baby
Heavy TrashMidnight Serenade – Bumble Bee
Boss HogWhiteout – Whiteout
The Oubliettes – Lil One Arm’s – My Dream
Heavy TrashNoir! – Viva Dolor

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