S-E-R-V-I-C-E – NEW Interview / Review / Album Stream

It’s Psychedelic Baby Magazine have just published a new interview with S-E-R-V-I-C-E and review of ‘Drag Me‘.

“SERVICE are here to remind us that our neat little boxes don’t always match reality. Their newest record, ‘Drag Me’, Lets Pretend Records, is a beautiful cacophony of noise, melody, and punk ethos…”

You get the sense from listening to these songs that this band is about the sum of its parts. Is songwriting really collaborative?

Russell: Yes, great question. Jilly and I are the primary songwriters. I’ll write the basic music for most of an entire song, usually on guitar to start with, and then add ideas for drum parts and other instruments. I’ll then play it for Jilly – we specifically put aside time for that. Then Jilly, usually pretty quickly, comes up with a vocal idea and lyrics from what I play her. She’ll then make suggestions for tweaks to the music and help structure the song. It all happens very organically. We are very much each other’s muses and I treasure this process. I’m writing all the time and she’s right there with me coming up with her parts, apparently as effortlessly and prolifically.”

LINK: https://www.psychedelicbabymag.com/2022/05/drag-me-by-service-album-premiere-interview.html

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