Samantha Fish & Jesse Dayton: Deathwish (Music Video)

NEW music video for Samantha Fish and Jesse Dayton – ‘Deathwish’ from the upcoming album Death Wish Blues.

“The first-ever collaborative album from Samantha Fish and Jesse Dayton, Death Wish Blues is a body of work born from a shared passion for pushing the limits of blues music. Produced by the legendary Jon Spencer of Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Death Wish Blues melds their eclectic sensibilities into a batch of songs both emotionally potent and wildly combustible and helps fulfill their shared longtime mission of opening up the blues genre to entirely new audiences.”

Pre-save the new album now – out May 19 via Rounder Records:

Video Clip:

Samantha Fish discusses forthcoming album and tour with Jesse Dayton and working with Jon Spencer in new interview:

“I’ve always been a fan of Jon Spencer. I first started with him with the RL Burnside collaboration. I’m a big fan of the Fat Possum (record label) roster and all that. I like how he brought punk rock and blues together. I mean, that’s a lot of where my heart lies, and so to be able to work with him…he has a very, I overuse the word Zen, but he’s got a very calm energy in the studio. And we brought these demos in very, very stripped down. They really were like acoustic demos, and we had ideas. Jesse and I would kind of talk over the songs at the beginning of the session, but then we said, “hey, let’s just play the songs for them and see what they come up with.”

Because this is when you create something special, and everybody has the ability to put their voices on a song. It’s funny, because I remember one song in particular, we definitely had an idea of what we thought it would sound like. And I could see John sort of working his way around the room and talking to the keyboard player and talking to the bass player, and I’m talking to the drummer. Just kind of low key. I tell them their parts, you know, and then we start playing. And it would be totally different than what we originally thought, but it was just so much cooler. You know, he has a really cool approach. Nothing’s on the nose. He’s just got a great ear for production and sounds and textures and how to create a vibe that’s consistent throughout the album. It all feels like a very cohesive piece and I love that. It’s like everything feels like one cohesive piece of artwork.”


““I’m a huge fan of Jon Spencer,” Fish says. “I have been since I was a teenager. He’s a true artist. I feel like he definitely was the perfect person to bring in to make this as exciting as it is for me. I love this album.”

Fish continues to wax rhapsodic with regard to Spencer. “Any time he has a record come out, it’s like a party for your ears. You can hear, sonically, the different elements he pulls in, and the effects and the textures. And it’s all very aggressive, it’s rock and roll. And it’s experimental in a way. He brought that adventurous, experimental spirit to this. He’s a great producer, and he’s got an artistic soul.”

Spencer, known for coaxing unique sounds out of vintage gear, brought a number of older amplifiers to the recording sessions, but even more amp options awaited the team. “The studio we recorded at is in Woodstock, NY, a place called Applehead. They had everything you could imagine. I was playing through little tiny Supros from the ‘70s, I was playing through big solid state amps. My favorite was an old PA speaker from the Woodstock elementary school that they had modded and worked out a way to plug it in, and it had the coolest tone. It was not meant to be an amp, but Jon is adventurous with guitar tones.”

In addition to providing technical expertise, Spencer helped shape the album’s performances and arrangements. “This was kind of a new thing for Jesse and me. We’ve both been solo artists for so long. It was nice to have an objective third party there with such an artistic vision to help us navigate how to pull this off,” Fish says.”


“Working with Jon Spencer I think definitely colored this album in a way that is final to how it turned our. He’s got a great sense of production and songwriting. He was really, really like key in the whole sound of this upcoming record. I think it turned out better than I could have even imagined.” – Samantha Fish / (January 2023)


The album, titled Death Wish Blues, features Aaron Johnson (drums) Kendall Wind (bass) and Mickey Finn (keys) and is scheduled for release in 2023.

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