September 4 – On This Day!

1993: The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Club Babyhead, Providence, RI, US
w/ Cheater Slicks

Image: 1993 Concert Report by Harvard’s WHRB (JSBX listing is in the top right corner).

Thanks to

1996: 20 Miles – Coney Island High, New York City, NY, US
w/ Chrome Cranks, Oblivians and Revelators

1996: Butter 08 – 9:30 Club, Washington DC, US
w/ Buffalo Daughter and Skeleton Key

1997: The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Palace Complex, Melbourne, Australia

1999: The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – A Nice Weekend in London, ULU, Malet Street, London, UK

Live Photo: Mark Benney (

2007: Heavy Trash – Going Way Out With Heavy Trash – released in the US

2008: The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Anfiteatro Parco, Bari, Italy

The posters uses the Jukebox Explosion Rockin’ Mid-90’s Punkers artwork by Mort Todd.

2009: Snake & Jet’s Amazing Bullit Band – Peace Boat – released in Europe

Recorded at NY Hed and features Jon Spencer and Matt Verta-Ray on guitar.

2010: Heavy Trash – Desmet Studio’s, Amsterdam, Netherlands

2010: Heavy Trash – Misty Fields Festival, Asten-Heusden, Netherlands

2012: Cat Power – Sun – released in the US

Judah Bauer is credited with ‘Break Arrangement’ on Cherokee and plays guitar on both Cherokee and Ruin.

2014: The Herbaliser – Blow Your Headphones – reissued in the UK on vinyl

Featuring a sample of The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion song Eyeballin’ from the album Now I Got Worry on the track Ginger Jumps The Fence

2015: The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Младински Културен Центар – MKC, Skopje, Macedonia
w/ The John

Live Photo: “Captured by Klisarova” (via

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