Spencer Dickinson (CD, JAPAN)

21 November 2001 Toy’s Factory TFCK-87263
01. That’s A Drag
02. I’m Not Ready
03. Zigaboo
04. Body (My Only Friend)
05. Primitive
06. Sat Morn Cartoons
07. (Chug Chug) It’s Not OK
08. Why!?
09. Flood (The Awful Truth, The Living End)
10. Away Baby
11. Cryin’
12. Book Of Sorrow
Spencer Dickinson (CD, JAPAN) - Cover
Japanese CD issue of the Spencer Dickinson album comes with Obi Strip, a colour insert, reply card (featuring 10 questions in Japanese) and cover booklet.

On the Japanese insert the title for 6. is listed as Saturday Morning Cartoons and 10 is listed as Africa Away Baby.

On 22 August 2006 Spencer Dickinson was issued on vinyl in the US along with an expanded CD edition under the title The Man Who Lives For Love.

All Songs:
Writers: Spencer/Dickinson/Dickinson
© 2000 Spencer/Dickinson/Dickinson
Published: Patrica Ann Music, BMI/North Mississippi Music Co, Admin by Funzalo Music Ltd, BMI
Drums/Washboard/Guitar/Bass: Cody Dickinson
Guitar/Bass/Vocals/Mandolin: Luther Dickinson
Vocals/Guitar/Bass/Stylophone/Percussion/Piano/Organ: Jon Spencer
[additional performers are detailed below]
Produced: Jim Dickinson and Jon Spencer
Recorded:Kevin Houston at the Zebra Ranch, Coldwater, MS.
Mixed: Fred Kevorkian at Absolute Audio

04. Body (My Only Friend)
Piano: Jim Dickinson

08. Why!?
Organ: Jim Dickinson
Vocals: Bil Emmons

11. Cryin’
Harmonica: Jerry Teel

No sleeve notes as such but the following text accompanies the booklet images:


“I wanna get primitive.
I wanna band sticks and rocks together.
Beep beep.
Beep beep.
On the stylophone.
All night long.
Get primitive.
Check out how I live.
Get primitive.”


cold water
it’s so cold
cold day in coldwater”

“I got a message.
Mud is my name.
The sky is crying.”

“M Feb 28 1pm #683 – 2:19 #421 3:11 – 4:45. Sat Mar 4 11:25 #307 – 1:00 #682 2.00 – 5.00. Dollar $280 #z4346344. National $250 #935278820. Alamo $185 #7907197. 55 – 240N – Union exit E – R 3 miles E on Union Walgreens L on Tucker.

Waiting for Nothing Waiting for it all to end. Waiting for the next thing. Hamburgers and french fries. Another cup of coffee. Bourbon and vodka. Man I sure do feel awful. I gotta walk a straight line. I want to believe in myself. I am afraid of what I must do. Japanese beetle. Blue jay. Grossbeak crow chickadee. Skunk milkweed frog. Dandelion. Steak n Shake. Turkey leg. Banana catfish salad. Baked potato hush puppie. Chips brownie apple corndog fried squash brownie. Pain & suffering. Unending misery. Heartache. Black. Black on black. Blacker than black.”

PAGE 10:
“Get up Now.
Come on Yeah.
Do you Remember?”

PAGE 12:
“I’m killing vampires.
I’m living on the moon.
I’m blowing the heads off of zombies.”

PAGE 14:
“I am away.
Now hear me call.”

COVER: “Spencer Dickinson, Toy’s Factory, TFCK-87263, 01.11.21 (01.11.21), Manufactured by Toy’s Factory, Tokyo, Japan. (p)2001”

OBI: Mostly in Japanese but it does include an “About Spencer Dickinson” section, barcode and “TFCK 87263 (p)2001 Stereo, 01.11.21 (01.11.21), Manufactured by Toy’s Factory, Tokyo, Japan” and the compact disc, Toy’s Factory and Jasrac logos.

BOOKLET: Text as detailed in ‘Sleeve Notes’ and ‘Song Credits’

DISC: Titles, Toy’s Factory logo and “Spencer Dickinson, Spencer Dickinson. All rights of the manufacturer and of the owner of the recorded work reserved. Unauthorized public performance and broadcasting and copying of this record prohibited. Made by Toy’s Factory in Japan. Licensed from Spencer Dickinson. All Songs © 2000 Spencer/Dickinson/Dickinson (Patrica Ann Music, BMI/North Mississippi Music Co, Admin by Funzalo Music Ltd, BMI). (p) JASRAC 2001 (87263)”

REAR: Tracklisting and “Luther Dickinson, Jon Spencer, Cody Dickinson, Produced by Jim Dickinson and Jon Spencer. Manufactured by Toy’s Factory, Tokyo, Japans. Licensed from Spencer/Dickinson. TFCK-87263 Stereo (p)©2001 Toy’s Factory. Spencer Dickinson sp/dk”

Photos: Ali Smith, Cali Cohen and Jon Spencer.
Design: Jon Spencer and Jimmy Hole.

Made by Toy’s Factory, Toyko, Japan
Licenced from Spencer/Dickinson

BARCODE: 4 988061 872636

MATRIX: “TFCK-87263 MT F01”