The Bobby Lees – New Interview

“Its a long way from Auckland to Woodstock but that didn’t stop The 13th Floor’s Marty Duda from chatting with three of the members of The Bobby Lees as they hit the Pennsylvania Turnpike. The band talks about their new album, Skin Suit and working with Jon Spencer, who produced the record.”


“Sam Quartin, singer/guitarist for Woodstock, New York-based band The Bobby Lees, laughs as she recalls how she almost blew the chance for her band to work with Jon Spencer (of The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and Pussy Galore fame). “He emailed us randomly and asked us to open for him when he was playing up in Hudson, New York. I had never even heard of Jon Spencer before. I didn’t know who he was! I was like, ‘Sorry, we’re busy.’ Then I looked him up and I was like, ‘Holy shit!’”

There really was a scheduling conflict – bass player Kendall Wind had her high school graduation ceremony on the proposed night. But once Quartin and her bandmates realized Spencer’s status, they knew even that momentous occasion couldn’t stand in the way of this opportunity. “I wrote him back: ‘Actually…we can do it,’” Quartin says wryly. “So Kendall just rushed from graduation and we did it.””



“The Bobby Lees’ new record Skin Suit was produced by punk legend Jon Spencer of the Blues Explosion and will be released 17 July via Alive Naturalsound Records. Orange-colored vinyl is also available. In advance of the record, the group have released “Wendy”, a weird, energetic slice of riot ‘n’ roll that has plenty of punk attitude. Did it crawl from the gutter? The garage? It doesn’t matter because it’s a full-on assault that will have you hitting the repeat button faster than a Western gunslinger reaches for his piece in the heat of battle.

Bobby Lees’ frontwoman Sam Quartin says, “This song is about a really cool old lady I knew named Wendy. I used to give her rides around town because she was disabled and couldn’t drive, but she had a great spirit and loved rock and roll, so I wanted to make a song for her.”-



* “Fear not, loyal reader. Rock isn’t dead. It is alive and well in the capable hands of The Bobby Lees. In fact, the next time you hear that rock is dead, you should present this album as evidence to the contrary. Every one of the 13 songs on this album is an absolute pounder. Even if you’ve never seen the band live, you get the idea that their live shows must be amazing considering the energy they put into recording.” –

* “The Bobby Lees’ SKIN SUIT is oozing with sex, sweat, and joyful abandon. It’s a raucous ride from beginning to end. Cover to cover, this thing’s got you by the short hairs.” – POPMATTERS

* “The Bobby Lees are a very young band from Woodstock NY and they play the garage punk blues with real fire and wild animal energy like they can hardly stop themselves.” – ECHOES & DUST

* “Skin Suit is a raucous ride from beginning to end. Cover to cover, this thing’s got you by the short hairs. Quartin is the star and a light that you can’t seem to blink out, but the whole band is a well-oiled and furious blues-punk machine.” – HITMUSIC.TV

* “The Bobby Lees are a rambunctious, sometimes ramshackle, reminder of what rock and roll is all about.” – PENNYBLACKMUSIC

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