Happy Birthday / Release Day – Rob K

Happy Birthday Rob K!

The book, triple CD set, USB card and digital downloads for “The Comedie of Robert Kennedy” are available for individual purchase on the King Dog Biscuit bandcamp page here https://kingdogbiscuit.bandcamp.com/merch

Illustrations: Andreas Rausch

Jon Spencer appears on the song ‘Opportunity Knocks’ on Purgatory Home Companion.

The albums feature an extensive number of contributors including Cristina Martinez, Hollis Queens, Bob Bert, Dee Pop, Marco Butcher, Jeffery Evans, Mickey Finn, Marcellus Hall, Larry Hardy, Don Howland, Richard Kern, Dan Kroha, Lydia Lunch, Jack Martin, Ryan Skeleton Boy, Jerry Teel, Jim Thirlwell, Jim Waters, Jerry Williams and many others (full list is on Rob Kennedy’s facebook page).

“Rob Kennedy is the man and u need to order this cause it is simply amazing……the man , the myth , the legend , the comedy of Rob Kennedy ….Beautiful art work, everything is put together perfect and without Rob doing what he does?….u guys wouldn’t listen to half of what u listen to today if it wasn’t for him….so get your credit cards out and pay tribute to one of the truest musicians to grace us from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and is still making music today for us….u definitely won’t regret getting it…support your musicians!” – Thomas Mace


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