“The Fabulous, Most Groovy: Director Edgar Wright’s Favourite Albums”

TheQuietus.com have just published Edgar Wright‘s Baker’s Dozen feature which includes The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion‘s Orange.

“This album pretty much inspired a whole movie of mine.

It means a lot to me – very special, very influential. I was hearing it as it came out. I’d just moved to London. I think I’d seen them on The Word doing ‘Afro’, which is an amazing TV appearance

If this album just had ‘Bellbottoms’ on it would still be a corker. ‘Bellbottoms’ is pretty much the greatest opening track of any rock album ever – an insistent and stirring widescreen opening. There’s a string quartet playing on it and it sounds immense…

“Not only does ‘Bellbottoms’ open Baby Driver​, but Jon is in the movie. Wait till you see ‘Bellbottoms’ in the movie. It’s nuts.”

Link: http://thequietus.com/articles/22682-edgar-wright-baker-s-dozen

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