The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – First Album Tracks / Running Order

Big Headed Baby (Reverse Mix) Kramer 1:08 7 9 10 A7 A9
Biological Albini 2:11 26 25 19
Changed (Second Mix)
nb. ‘You Gonna Change’ on A Reverse…
Kramer 1:05 12 8
Chicken Walk (Second Mix) Kramer 2:53 6 5 6 5 A5
Chicken Walk (Reverse Mix) Kramer 2:53 A6
Colty Albini 1:45 35 23
Comeback (Second Mix) Kramer 3:11 10 14 17 13 B5
Comeback (Reverse Mix) Kramer 3:11 B2
Eliza Jane Albini 2:03 21 21 11
Exploder Albini 2:01 18 3
Eye To Eye Albini  1:42 20 20 12 10
The Feeling of Love Albini 1:50 23 10 13 B1
The Feeling of Love (Alt. Take)
nb. Different take to Crypt Style
Albini 1:47 16
40lb Block of Cheese (Reverse Mix) Kramer 2:05 15 17 B7 B8
History of Sex (Second Mix) Kramer 1:46 4 13 16 12 B4
History of Sex (Reverse Mix)
nb. inc. 10s of studio ambience on intro
Kramer 1:51 A4
History of Sex Albini 1:57 32
History of Sex (Clawfist) 1:46 38
I.E.V. Albini    1:43 17 19 2
Intro A Albini 0:53 25 24 18
Kill-A-Man Albini 1:52 30 11 14 B2
Latch On 1:22 34
Like A Hawk Albini 2:25 29 8 9 A8
Lovin’ Up A Storm (Second Mix) Kramer 1:45 9 1 1 A1
Lovin’ Up A Storm (Reverse Mix) Kramer 1:45 B1
Maynard Ave. Albini 1:55 22 22 4 15
Mo’ Chicken/Let’s Get Funky Albini 2:42 28 6 7 A6
Rachel (Second Mix) Kramer 2:25 5 12 15 4 B3
Rachel (Reverse Mix) Kramer 2:25 A5
’78 Style (Reverse Mix) Kramer 1:26 11 4 5 7 A4
’78 Style (Reverse Mix)
nb. inc. 14s of studio ambience on intro
Kramer 1:35 B3
Shirt Jac 1:26 33
Smoke Cigarettes 1:34 37
Support-A-Man (Second Mix) Kramer 2:01 8 2 2 14 A2
Support-A-Man (Reverse Mix) Kramer 2:01 A8
Twentynine Albini    2:16 31 15 B6
Twenty9 (Reverse Mix) Kramer 1:55 1 A1
Type Cast (Reverse Mix)
nb. inc. false start
Kramer 1:51 2 A2
Vacuum of Loneliness Albini 3:02 24 18 17
Water Main (Reverse Mix) Kramer 1:15 3 7 8 A3 A7
Water Main Albini  1:52 27 20
What To Do (Second Mix) Kramer 1:31 14 16 B7
What To Do Albini 2:12 19 9
What To Do (Reverse Mix)
nb. inc. 7s studio ambience on intro
Kramer 1:34 B6
White Tail (Reverse Mix) Kramer 2:29 13 3 3 6 A3
White Tail (Reverse Mix)
nb. inc. false start
Kramer 2:35 B5
Write A Song Albini 1:53 16 18 11 1
Write A Song (Clawfist) 2:05 36
You Gonna Change (Reverse Mix)
nb. titled ‘Changed’on s/t album
Kramer 1:08 12 B4
nb. Run times are approximate as they tend to vary between the different releases and may be 2 seconds longer or shorter than those given above.
“Fiz: What’s the deal with the three different versions of the album?

Jon: The first one – A Reverse Willie Horton – is a bootleg.

Fiz: That’s the one with the black girl on the cover?

Jon: Yeah. When I was travelling around with the Gibson Bros. last year I had a tape of that with me because we had just done it. I let a few people dub it so maybe something came from that. Then the Caroline record – there was a record in the US, and then there’s a version out in England, too. Then Crypt Style is for Germany and the rest of Europe.

Fiz: And there are a few oddball tracks from album to album, right?

Jon: Yeah, there’s a big difference… I think the Crypt one has about eight of ten songs that aren’t on the Caroline one. It’s a little shorter and I think it works better. I think the Caroline one is maybe a little too long.

Fiz: Well, to be perfectly honest I haven’t been able to find it anywhere.

Jon: That’s bad to hear. But basically that bootleg is just the first recording session in it’s entirety from start to finish.

Fiz: Do you like the cover for that?

Jon: Yeah, it was alright.

Fiz: I liked it.

Jon: I mean, we got some copies of it, so it wasn’t the worst thing in the world to have happened.

Fiz: That’s nice when people at least supply you with a copy of the record they’re bootlegging your band with.

Jon: That session was done with Kramer [Shimmy Disk/Bongwater] over a three hour deal.

Fiz: You recorded the whole thing in three hours?

Jon: Yeah. Then we did a session with Steve Albini over about a day and a half. So the Caroline and the Crypt records take material from both of those sessions.

Fiz: SO, you’ve say that it was definitely worth it to search out the various version of the record?

Jon: I mean, if you have to buy one, buy the Crypt record – it’s our record. I’ll tell you, the Caroline record has the horn section, and it’s the one that has the Theremin.” – Excerpt from the ‘All Roads Lead to Spencer‘ 3400 word article from Fiz, March 1993 (CLICK HERE to read the whole thing).