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Joseph Arthur
Cat Power & Dirty Delta Blues
Garaj Istanbul, Istanbul (POSTER, TURKEY) 2012.02.09 Antigel Festival, Geneva (POSTER, SWITZERLAND) 2012.02.07 Antigel Festival, Geneva (SET LIST, SWITZERLAND) 2012.02.07 The Circus, Helsinki (SET LIST, FINLAND) 2012.02.05 Lou Fest, Forest Park, St. Louis (POSTER, US) 2011.08.27-28 Music Box, Los Angeles (POSTER, US) 2011.02.06 The Fillmore, San Francisco (POSTER, US) 2011.02.04 Forum / Theatre Royal (ADVERT, AUSTRALIA) 2011.01.20/21 Outside Lands, Golden Gate Park (POSTER, US) 2010.08.14 Days Like This (POSTER, AUSTRALIA) 2010.01.10 Pyramid Rock Festical (POSTER, AUSTRALIA) 2009.12.30 TIM Festival, Sao Paulo, Brazil 2009.10.25 Cat Power & Dirty Delta Blues -  Edgefield  [#2]  (POSTER, US) 2009.08.25 Cat Power & Dirty Delta Blues -  Edgefield    (POSTER, US) 2009.08.25 Cat Power & Dirty Detla Blues - The LC  (POSTER, US) 2009.08.16 Avalon (POSTER, US) 2009.02.10/11 Music Hall of Williamsburg (SET LIST, US) 2009.02.05 Stubbs BBQ  (POSTER, US) 2008.10.11 Warehouse Live, Houston, TX  (POSTER, US) 2008.10.10 Lollapolooza (POSTER, US) 2008.08.1-3 Postbahnhof (POSTER, GERMANY) 2008.06.05 Teatro Ecci (POSTER, COLUMBIA) 2008.04.26 Stubbs BBQ (POSTER, US) 2008.04.20 Roseland Theatre (POSTER, US) 2008.04.14 First Avenue  (POSTER, US)  2008.02.11 Kool Haus (POSTER, CANADA) 2008.02.09 Starlight Ballroom [Crosgrove] (POSTER, US) 2008.02.08 Starlight Ballroom [Kline](POSTER, US) 2008.02.08 Bataclan, Paris (TICKET, FRANCE) 2008.01.21 Bataclan, Paris (FLYER, FRANCE) 2008.01.21 Bataclan, Paris (SET LIST, FRANCE) 2008.01.21 Vitoria (SET-LIST, BRAZIL) 2007.10.28 Tim Festival, Sao Paulo (SET-LIST, BRAZIL) 2007.10.27 Studio A (POSTER, US) 2007.10.22 The Club at Firestone (POSTER, US) 2007.10.20 Cats Cradle  (POSTER, US)  2007.10.16 Avalon  (POSTER, US) 2007.09.21 Pearl Street (POSTER, US) 2007.07.09 ATP/Butlins Holiday Resort  (POSTER, UK)  2007.04.27-29 Langerado Music Festival (POSTER, US)  2007.03.9/10/11
The Child Ballads
Cibo Matto
Metro (POSTER, US) 1996.03.29 Metro [Cibo Matto] (POSTER, US) 1996.03.29
Jam Messengers
Little Barrie
Angela McClusky (feat. Russell Simins)
Mike Edison and the Delta Science Arkestra / Interstella Rendevous Band
Native Korean Rock & The Fishnets / Karen O & Nick Zinner / Karen O
Cheval Sombre


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