V/A feat. Tiny Masters of Today – Artrocker Magazine 2007 CD with Red Stripe Jamaica Lager Beer (CD, UK)

November 2007 Artrocker ARTSTRIPE001
01. Good Shoes – Morden
02. Figurines – All Night
03. Hot Club De Paris – I Swung For Judas
04. Art Brut – Direct Hit
05. XX Teens – Darlin’
06. Mother And The Addicts – All In The Mind
07. Blood Red Shoes – Box Of Secrets
08. Neils Children – Window Shopping
09. ¡Forward, Russia! – Nineteen
10. Die! Die! Die! – 155
11. Shit Disco – Lover Of Others
12. Love Is All – Spinning And Scratching
13. You Say Party! We Say Die! – Downtown Mayors
14. Help She Can’t Swim – Hospital Drama
15. The Young Knives – Mystic Energy
16. Twisted Charm – Television Nation
17. The Victorian English Gentlemens Club – Impossible Sightings Over Shelton
18. Harrisons – Mondays Arms
19. Best Fwends – Dream Off
20. Tiny Masters of Today – Radio Riot
21. Jakobínarína – Sleeping In Seattle
22. Black Wire – House
Artrocker magazine cover-mount CD featuring the Tiny Masters of Today track Radio Riot taken from the album Bang Bang Boom Cake (which was produced by and features Russell Simins).

20. Tiny Masters of Today – Radio Riot
Writers: TMOT
Published: Tiny Masters Music ASCAP
Vocals/Bass/Keyboards/Percussion: Ada
Vocals/Guitar: Ivan
Drums: Russell Simins
Produced: Russell Simins
Co-Produced: Chris Maxwell and Phil Hernandez a.k.a. The Elegant Too
Additional Recording: Michael Cadiz
Mastered: Paul Gold @ Salt Mastering, Bklyn, NY

ARTWORK: [unknown]



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