V/A feat. Shithaus – UHF/Channel 14 (CASSETTE, US)

1986 A State of Flux ASOF00
A1. Chuck U. And Mr. Curt – Coba
A2. Architectural Metaphor – Nucleonics
A3. Architect’s Office – A#258:A#235
A4. Chris Gree And Greg Butensky – Untitled
A5. Laughing Academy – A Real Laryngitis Victim
A6. Ken Field And Ken Winokur – Those Helicopters
A7. Joe Paradiso – It’s Not A Man It’s A Robot
A8. W-Blah-Blah-Blah Quartet – The Dream Mix

B1. Shithaus – When It Comes Time
B2. Holy Cow – Work
B3. Holy Cow – Icharus Pus (Live)
B4. Mod Squad – Sister
B5. Joy Division – Atrocity Exhibition (Live)
B6. Sleep Chamber – Distant Lives (Live)
B7. The Gossamer Years – Rome In A Day
B8. The Gossamer Years – Virus

V/A feat. Shithaus - UHF/Channel 14 (CASSETTE, US) - Cover
Compilation cassette with 32 page fanzine in an edition of 111 numbered copies featuring When It Comes Time by Shithaus from the Crush: Live Crush 84 – 85 release.

“The xerox booklet with art and literature originally circulated around Boston by free flyer, plus visual poetry by Rane Arroyo, short story by Don Webb, and visuals by the recording artists.”

Notes regarding this release:

“The debut release on the label, the whole “A State of Flux” thing had not solidified yet. This was going to be a series of fanzines and accompanying cassettes, but the focus was not clear yet. The fanzine was more about literature and xerox art, and the accompanying tape was more about local fringe music. It was to be the last fanzine, and subsequent releases were all cassette, until the final release on vinyl.

Clicking on the download link will trigger the downloading of a ZIP file that contains all 16 tracks on the cassette in mp3 format, along with cover images, pagespread images and a text file with track list and all kinds of trivia…” – jukeboxheart.com

[Following track notes are exactly as they appear on in the Zip file download from PaulCollegio.net]

This is the first in a series of cassette releases that I put out between 1983 and 1991. It began with the idea to put out a xeroxed fanzine and an accompanying cassette. Hardly a novel idea at the time, but one that wasn’t being done to represent the fringe sounds in Boston.

Tracks 1 through 8 originally comprised side 1 of the cassette, and the remaining tracks, 9 through 16, side 2.

For each track, the file name is given, then the artist and title and a bit of trivia info.

UHF14-01 Chuck U. and Mr. Curt “Coba” Incorparating sounds from eauatorial rain forests into their brand of dreamy music, the result is a twilight ritual of natural sounds and electronic. Chuck U., aka Chuck U. Farley, Chuck Rosina, and a range of others, was a disc jockey at WMFo during my tenure, and now hists a show at the MIT station, WMBR. Mr. Curt was a founder of the Boston new wave band Pastiche with several singles on the now defunct imprint run by Newbury Comics, Modern Method. Famous for the PsychoBlonde single.

UHF14-02 Architectural Metaphor “Nucleonics” One of Boston’s longest running progressive electronic bands, ArcMet continues to record and perform. Watch for a full length in the upcoming archive series here on the website.

UHF14-03 Architect’s Office “A#258:A#235” Strange music from Boulder Colorado, AO was a presence in the early 80’s cassette scene. They have a HUGE credit in that they released an LP on Silent Records “Caswallon the Headhunter” which served as a soundtrack to a Stan Brakhage film.

UHF14-04 Chris Gree and Greg Butensky “untitled” Culled from a full length of guitar experiments, these two were also DJs at WMFO. Their full length was slated for release, but was overcome by events. It will appear as part of this archive.

UHF14-05 Laughing Academy “A Real Laryngitis Victim” More wonderful music from local musicians.

UHF14-06 Ken Field and Ken Winokur “Those Helicopters” Beautiful funky ambient jazz soundtrack musis. Both are still active in music, Ken Winokur now part of Birdsongs of the Mesozoic.

UHF14-07 Joe Paradiso “It’s Not A Man It’s A Robot” Genius inventor and Mad Scientist, I met Joe also at WMFO. He currently does some fill in airtime at WZBC. You may have read about Joe in various technical journals for his high tech entertainment consultations for such notables as Penn and Teller.

UHF14-08 W-Blah-Blah-Blah Quartet “The Dream Mix” More wonderfulness from the Chuck U. crowd.

UHF14-09 Shithaus “When It Comes Time” I dont know much about these guys other than they were friends of Gigi in ModSquad and they went on to form Pussy Galore.

UHF14-10 Holy Cow “Work” UHF14-11 Holy Cow “Icharus Pus (live)” While mostly written off as Bauhaus wannabes, they put on one fucken live show. The live track is culled from a performance they did in my studio at WMFO.

UHF14-12 Mod Squad “Sister” Groovy.

UHF14-13 So…who’s gonna not know who this is? A rare live version, one of the best.

UHF14-14 Sleep Chamber “Distant Lives (live)” At the infamous Paradise show. Millions of feathers launched over teh audience by a pair of high speed fans. And the most putrid incense ever. Mesmerizing…

UHF14-15 The Gossamer Years “Rome in a Day”
The Gossamer Years “Virus” Live performance by masked anonymous percussionists. In Studio A, WMFO. I know who they are, but I’m not spillin.

ARTWORK: [unknown]



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