V/A feat. Tiny Masters of Today – Cocktail Achtzig: Italo, Hi-NRG New Beat, Jumpin’ Jack Klash (CD, GERMANY)

10 November 2007 ElektroTekknoKlash Records ETK CD CA
V/A feat. Tiny Masters of Today - Cocktail Achtzig: Italo, Hi-NRG New Beat, Jumpin' Jack Klash (CD, GERMANY)Gino ‘Der Hammer’ Galan – Italian Stallion:
1.01. Allen Dee
– Inny Miny Miney Moo (Hear And Clap Version)
1.02. ‘Lectric Funk – Shanghaied
1.03. Bo Boss – Tequila (12 Inch)
1.04. B.W.H. – Livin Up (Original Mix)
1.05. Capricorn – I Need Love
1.06. Cellophane – Gimme Love (Italo Version)
1.07. N.O.I.A. – True Love (Sexual Version)
1.08. Kirlian Camera + Dominatrix – Blue Room (Radio Slave Edit And FX) + The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight
1.09. E.S. Connection – Don’t Take Your Time
1.10. Vicio Latino – Sabes Que Hora Est
1.11. Den Harrow – Mad Desire (Remix)
1.12. Proof Of Energy – Energy Tonight
1.13. Kasso – One More Round (86 House Mix)
The Moroders – Minimix:
2.01. Jasper Van’t Hof Smiling Lingala
2.02. Fly Guys, The Fly Guys Rap
2.03. Ice-T Drama
2.04. Men Without Hats Safety Dance
2.05. Propaganda Frozen Faces
2.06. Neon Skydiver
2.07. Liquid Liquid Optimo
2.08. Pop Dell’Arte Querelle
2.09. Two Of China Los Niños Del Parque (Tormenta Mix)
2.10. 16 Bit Where Are You?
2.11. Mike Dunn Personal Problem
2.12. Yello You Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess
2.13. Paul McCartney Temporary Secretary

Carlo Caramba – Grown Up In The 80s:
3.01. Discothèque Disco Special
3.02. Todd Terje Eurodans
3.03. Popular Computer I Can´t Forget You
3.05. Falco Der Kommissar
3.06. Calvin Harris This Is The Industry
3.07. Golden Bug Radio SSG (Lsb Mix)
3.08. Alexander Robotnick Problemes D’amour (Dub)
3.09. Tiny Masters of Today Hey Mr. DJ (CSS Remix)
3.10. Dharma Plastic Doll (Remixed Instrumental)
3.11. Key Kein Anschluß

“Limited edition promo-only CD of about 50 copies given away free in a pizza paper bag at the Cocktail Achtzig party in Jena, Germany on the release date.

There were mixes for downloading online with more tracks and longer edits.”

– etk-records.com

Features the CSS remix of Hey Mr. DJ by Tiny Masters of Today.

The original version of this track was released on the album Bang Bang Boom Cake and commercially released as a CD and 7″ single.

3.09 Tiny Masters Of Today – Hey Mr. DJ (CSS Remix)
Vocals/Bass/Keyboards/Percussion: Ada
Vocals/Guitar: Ivan
Writers: Tiny Masters of Today/Cintra
Published: Tiny Masters Music, ASCAP/Stage Three Music Ltd.
Drums: Russell Simins
DJ Stuff: DJ Atsushi Numata
DJ Atsushi Numata appears courtesy of Buddahfest Recordings
Produced: Russell Simins
Co-Produced: Chris Maxwell and Phil Hernandez a.k.a. The Elegant Too
Recorded at Elegant Too Studios in NYC and in our living room BKLYN
Remix & Additional Production: CSS
CSS appear courtesy of Sub Pop Records
ARTWORK: Möe / Sneaker


MATRIX: [unknown]

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