“10 brilliant punk and alt. rock albums that you won’t find on Spotify”

Boss Hog – Cold Hands (1990)

The now out-of-print Q magazine apparently described Cold Hands, Boss Hog’s debut album for noise rock label Amphetamine Reptile as “nine painfully slow nuggets of sonic indigestion”, a review which surely must have delighted former Pussy Galore/future Blues Explosion leader Jon Spencer back in the day. Cold Hands is arguably best known for the fact that vocalist Cristina Martinez posed nude for its cover, which does Spencer and Martinez, then boyfriend and girlfriend, now husband and wife, a disservice, as it’s a deliciously filthy slab of New York gutter punk blues, a perfect soundtrack for all manner of post-midnight mischief.” – Louder

Full Article: https://www.loudersound.com/features/10-brilliant-punk-and-alt-rock-albums-that-you-wont-find-on-spotify/

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