20 Miles – Fat Possum Caravan Joint Tour (POSTER, EUROPE)

20 Miles - Fat Possum Caravan Joint Tour (POSTER, EUROPE)20 Miles tour through-out Europe in November and December 1999 with T Model Ford, R.L. Burnside and Paul Jones.

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion appeared with R.L. Burnside on A Ass Pocket of Whiskey and Mr Wizard albums.

Footage of them performing Boogie Chillun together appeared on the Live Promo Video and they appear on stage together in the Fat Possum documentary You See Me Laughin’: The Last of The Hill County Bluesmen.

The track R.L. Got Soul from Now I Got Worry is a reference to R.L. Burnside and after his death on 1 September 2005 the Judah Bauer website featured a free downloadable mp3 of Goin’ Down South as a tribute to him.