Arts & Seizures feat. Jon Spencer & Cristina Martinez: Download

Arts & Seizures (Episode 222) featuring Bob Bert, Mike Edison, Cristina Martinez, Jon Spencer and Peter Zaremba covering Cunt Tease (7m 14s) / Summertime Blues (28m 00s) can now be downloaded from

Photo: Posted on Facebook by Bob Bert (

“Agent provocateur Mike Edison is joined by the Duke of Greenpoint Peter Zaremba and a cavalcade of stars for this mid-summer explosion of minds and bodies! Starring Cristina Martinez and Jon Spencer of popular rock band Boss Hog, plus Beatnik No. 1, the unsinkable Bob Bert!!! Musical numbers include a Pussy Galore classic and the most revolting version of Summertime Blues ever!!!!” Last episode of Arts & Seizures till September… whatta lovely way to burn….

Stream / Download Here:

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