Beck – Aphids on The Lettuce: Beck Remixed & Mashed Up by PZ (CD, US)

8 September 2010 Token Recluse Records tr-015
01. Panzah Zandahz – Intro-Studda Step
– Biz Markie (PZ Discobox Remix)

02. Apollo Kids
– Ghostface Killah (PZ Tropicalia Blow-Up Mix)
03. You(Cell) Must (Phone’s) Learn (Dead) – BDP
04. Percee P Drop
05. Novacane Rap – Percee P
06. Sex With a Drum Machine
– Kool Keith (PZ Diamond District Remix)
07. Fumbling Over Words That Rhyme
– Edan (PZ Jackass Remix)
08. Universal Rhythms
09. Sexx Laws (Panzah Zandahz Remix)
10. Slackin Off Is Nill
11. Biggie at 1000bpm (PZ Hypnotize Remix)
12. Stakes is High – De La Soul (PZ Nicotine Remix)
13. Brilliant to Dull
14. Strychnine
15. The Ever Sensitive Wu (ft. Inspectah Deck)
16. Feel Like a Piece of Shit
17. Diamond Bollocks (Instrumental)
18. Any Type of Way
– Big Daddy Kane (PZ Bottles n Cans Remix)
19. Still Not Weird Enough For Me
35 minute mix of original Beck mash-ups, remixes & beats issued on CD by Token Recluse and available as a free download from The mix includes a new version of the track Diskobox (appears on some editions of Odelay) on which Jon Spencer is credited with ‘keychain’ and co-produced.

“Unauthorized Hippity Hoppity Beck Remix Project from 07/08 in dedication to who else, but mister Beck Hanson whom I credit with saving my brain.

Aphids on the Lettuce features the emcee likes of Biz Markie, Percee P, Edan, Ghostface Killah, Kool Keith, KRS-1 & many more all twisted and shuffled about in the usual PZ cut-and-paste fashion.”

The artwork is a modified version of the Beck album One Foot in the Grave cover art.

[no details]
“in dedication to mister beck
hanson with nothing but respect,
admiration and thanks.

a sincere thank you to
everyone who semi-
patiently waited for
this in the mail.
for promotional use
only, not intended
for re-sale.”

Photography: Jeff Smith


MATRIX: “80 PG7622″*

*generic CDR matrix number