Blues Explosion – Rainbow Club, Milan, Italy (12 October 2004)

Blues Explosion show at Rainbow Club, Milan, Italy on 12 October 2004.

“Two guitars, one drums and vocal cords.
That’s all.
The rest is pure animal feed and a ten-year repertoire from which to draw heavily.”

“…once on stage, the Blues Explosion aims straight at the heart and files any frills, overwhelming the spectators with an impetuous torrent of r’n’r of the Stonevmold first way but more perfidious and faster.”

“After an hour of blood, sweat and tears, the band greets and leaves.”

…the encore does not boil down to two skimpy union songs, but continues for another dense and enthralling half hour of punk roll pulled to the extreme, guitars like razors, an increasingly hoarse and sexy voice, perhaps also because of the level of nicotinic-transpiration saturation reached (and abundantly exceeded) by the boiling room.” – Paolo Cardillo (