Boss Hog – Funhouse Demos ’98 [Promo] (CD, US)

1998 Geffen n/a
01. Count Me Out
02. Drive Me Crazy
03. Defender
04. Chocolate
05. Monkey
06. Jaguar
07. Don’t Wait
08. Structure
In-house Gold CDR of demos for what would become the Whiteout album. Issued in album case with blank rear sleeve featuring text only on the spine which reads “Boss Hog Funhouse demos ’98 DGC Records”. All other sleeve text is on the cover.

It’s important to note that this is on Geffen when the finished album was released in the US on In The Red Records.

“Then first Boss Hog record on Geffen was the only record in my post-Pussy Galore career that I didn’t license – and now that’s unavailable. We did demos for the second record, Whiteout, with Jerry Teel at Funhouse. Geffen passed on it, but we were free to get a deal with someone else, and we still got a good deal of the advance.” – Jon Spencer (from the Eric Davidson book We Never Learn: The Gunk Punk Undergut, 1988-2001).

These are alternate recordings to the tracks on Whiteout which were recorded at The Magic Shop and Greene St.

Get It While You Wait (CD, UK) featured the B-Side Dedicated which was recorded at Fun House Studio, NYC but does not appear on this CD.

Don’t Wait is an early version of Get It While You Wait all of the other songs on this CD have appeared on various releases with the same titles.

There are no song credits on this item but the details are probably as follows:

[These credits are UNCONFIRMED]

Vocals: Cristina Martinez
Guitar/Vocals: Jonathan Spencer
Bass: Jens Jurgensen
Drums/Vocals: Hollis Queens
Keyboards: Mark Boyce

Writers: Boss Hog
Published: Madams Organ Music
Mixed: Jonathan Spencer and Bil Emmons
Recorded/Mixed: Fun House Studio, NYC.
Recording engineered: Jerry Teel



MATRIX: “74 PK5355” [this is a generic CDR matrix number]