Boss Hog – House of Style, Bloomingdales, New York, US (21 September 1994)

Boss Hog appearance on the MTV television show House of Style (Season: 6 Episode: 33) broadcast on 21 September 1994 (recording/performance date unknown).

Show Info:

This appearance is mentioned in a Boss Hog interview from BB Gun magazine:

“Bob So with Boss Hog being on House of Style and gigging at Bloomingdale’s (yes, kids, the department store!)…are you guys drifting towards the fashion scene?

Cristina No, that’s it. I don’t wanna end up like Dee-Lite walking the runways of Paris and stuff…MTV was exciting because I love House of Style and I wanted to hear Cindy Crawford say: Boss Hog. Obviously I’m interested in fashion…but I don’t wanna get pegged.

Jon Did you go to that Bob?

Bob Uh-uh…I wanted to…but we had a meeting with our booking person and you know how she can yap!

Cristina The only thing you missed was us fucking up 12 X U….if you can believe that!”