Boss Hog – Pyramid, New York City, New York, US (14 March 1989)

Boss Hog show at 101 Avenue A #1, New York City, New York 10009, US with Unsane and Mudhoney on 14 March 1989.

Boss Hog were mentioned very briefly in a review of this show published in Seattle-based newspaper The Rocket:

“Despite a small, rabid following in their home town, underground music scene, Mudhoney is arguably the best band to come out of Seattle. Their brand of noise/grunge rock ‘n’ roll found no lack of appreciated on the packed floor of the East Village’s Pyramid Club. While opening acts Boss Hog, and the hardcore Unsane, solicited only occasional applause, Mudhoney rocked the crowd with their drive and conviction. I was very impressed by the intensity of that conviction, evidenced by such songs as “Mudride,” “In and Out of Grace,” and the anthemic “Touch Me I’m Sick”. At times vocalist/guitarist Mark Arm seemed on the verge of tears, a he deftly handled the hint of pathos and despair in those songs before retreating into the familiar carnage and wild abandon that one expects from this band. Arm, Turner, Lukin, and Peters created a wall of sound, with swirling textures – rife with beer and sweat – that was a deliberate as it was spontaneous and loud.” – Jesse Reyes / The Rocket (April 1989)