Boss Hog – Raygun: Interview (PRESS, US)

1995 Raygun

four-page Boss Hog interview from Raygun magazine.

During in the interview the band refer to a number of songs that we’re recorded and never released:

“We recorded a lot of stuff that didn’t make it onto the record,” Spencer explains. “And we have a lot of stuff we dumped about a year ago.”

Martinez laughs, “There’s that song ‘Roses are Red’ and ‘Rita,’ and that cowbell song…”

“‘Grasshopper’…Spencer offers. “There’s this whole session that got buried.”

“Yeah,” Martinez says, “We’ll release it in 20 years, when we’re old, broke and pathetic.”

“In DC this guy came up to me after a show and said, ‘Wow, you played all this great stuff that I’ve never heard before. It was the best stuff I’ve ever heard,'” Queens offers. “And then he hummed one of the sons, and I was like, ‘Aaah…I hare that song…we killed it.'”