Butter 08 – Select: Butter [Review] (PRESS, UK)

December 1997 Select #12
Butter 08 - Select: Butter [Review] (PRESS, UK)
December 1997 issue of Select magazine which came with a cover-mount Beck CD (including the tracks Clock, The Little Drum Machine Boy and Totally Confused).

The ‘Buy, Borrow or Bin’ feature mentions the Butter 08 album.

“Butter 08 – Butter

Who They Are: Members of Cibo Matto and Blues Explosion cohort Russell Simmins collaborating on arsequake side project.

What It Sounds Like: Incredibly bass-heavy ur-rock with all the weight of the funk, but none of the sex.

Is It Any Good?: It’s Grand Royal affiliations means everyone will pretend to like it anyway. Worth checking out.

Rating: *** [of 5]”

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