“Edgar Wright Explains How He Crafted the Perfect Soundtrack for Baby Driver”

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – “Bellbottoms”

“It basically inspired the whole movie in a way. I was 20 or 21 when the album Orange first came out, and I [played] “Bellbottoms” on repeat on this audio cassette I had of it. I don’t think I actually even bought it—I dubbed somebody else’s copy because I didn’t have any money at the time. I would listen to the song, and I could imagine a car chase. And I wasn’t even thinking about a particular film, it was more about not being able to listen to the song without seeing a car chase in my head. So at some point, I had to come up with something and I had to write a theme to go along with that idea and this vision I had of this car chase. And that, in turn, spawned the idea of Baby trying to soundtrack the entire movie. You’re basically seeing the story through the ears of the main character.”

Link: http://www.esquire.com/entertainment/movies/a56151/edgar-wright-baby-driver-soundtrack/

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