Heavy Trash – La Sala Rossa (PRESS, SPAIN)

22 April 2010 Cornershop Studios
Heavy Trash - La Sala Rossa (PRESS, SPAIN)
Review of Heavy Trash show at La Sala Rossa from the website Cornershop Studios the entire article with images can be viewed on their website.

Thanks to Luis

“From the moment Heavy Trash took the stage at La Sala Rossa last Thursday, they had the crowd vibrating, front and center. The quartet looked devilishly sharp in their suits, but it was the earnest “hey’s” and “hellos” from Jon Spencer and bassist/guitarist Matt Verta-Ray that powered up the audience’s attention. No one was in need of playing keep awake though, as the group tore through songs from all three of their albums, dedicating a large sum of the night to their newest – Midnight Soul Serenade. Spencer delivered hard edged, honky-tonk cuts like Bumble Bee and Isolation with his usual deep long trills and occasional yawps, reminiscent of Blues Explosion intros and exits. While Verta-Ray slowed things down, temporarily to sing the blues inspired Good Man… I almost believed him. It was the maniac driven rockabilly tune, Gee, I Really Love You, that had me happily disturbed however, as Spencer sang this sweaty toothed ballad with nothing short of bizarre charm. He used it to bring the crowd back from one of his famous rants – and they followed. Stand up bassist Simon Chardiet got his chance to croon during the encore, sounding more a cappella than instrument accompanied. The drummer admittedly lent to the corniest part of the night, invoking the last few songs with some literal knee slapping and finger snapping, and rounding out the wild-eyed Heavy Trash soiree quite nicely. The instrumental Pimento ended the night on a high note and proved that this gang is heavy fun.

– Melissa Jayne Howard”