Heavy Trash – MTV, São Paulo, Brazil (20 April 2009)

Heavy Trash set for MTV, São Paulo, Brazil on 20 April 2009.


Jon Spencer DJ set at Z Carniceria, São Paulo, Brazil on 20 April 2009.

Jon Spencer played some then-unreleased Heavy Trash songs.

“Coffin Joe and his entourage came out to the club. Excentric but nice guy!”- Yebo

The 30 minute live in studio special set was broadcast on MTV Brazil and features guest vocals from Zé do Caixão (Coffin Joe) on You Can’t Win.

SET LIST (songs and dialogue):

Justine Alright
Matt Verta-Ray [HT formation]
Dark Hair’d Rider
Bumble Bee
Matt Verta-Ray & Jon Interview [Influences]
She Baby
Jon Spencer [Telling us that Matt’s father named the band]
Way Out
Jon Spencer [Meeting Coffin Joe]
You Can’t Win (featuring Coffin Joe on vocals)

You Can’t Win (with Coffin Joe) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mt7aGWlWjGc

Dressing Room Photo: Yebo / Crunchy Frog

“Enter Coffin Joe. A legendary film maker and actor and what have you. He made the first Brazillian horror flicks and did a lot of exploitation stuff. Jon knew about him – being the film and horror buff he is – and through friends got in touch with Coffin Joe. He agreed to come and perform with us, which was a real treat. Between Joe and Joe you see Joe’s (Coffin Joe’s) young hot wife. To the right of Joe (Spencer) is Joe’s (Coffin Joe’s) grandson. Funny thing was that the grandson seemed to be older than the wife. Probably an interesting family tree (or a double wife situation).” – flickr.com/photos/crunchyfrogdk/