Heavy Trash – Noir!

http://bronzerat.limitedrun.com/products/543157-heavy-trash-noir“Out April 6, 2015. Available for pre-order now.

This vinyl-only limited edition (2000) record from Jon Spencer‘s alter-ego, Heavy Trash, is an album of previously unreleased wig-outs, instrumentals, out-takes, and other unhinged gems recorded throughout the bands lifetime.

Jon Spencer and Matt Verta-Ray, the men known as Heavy Trash, never thought that anyone would be watching or listening, let alone recording, when they perpetrated these middle-of-the-night experiments in unchecked soul exposition and naked desire. Had they known the tape was rolling, we would never have this demented document of darkness and decay. But their demons have come to light, and you are now invited to dance through the dusky shadows of a musical group on the edge. This is pure Heavy Trash. This is Noir!”


01. Good Hair
02. Wet Book
03. Out Demon Out
04. Viva Dolor
05. Back Off

01. Pastoral Mécanique
02. Discobilly
03. Jibber Jabber
04. Leave That Junk Alone
05. Notlob
06. Last Saturday Night

Pre Order: http://bronzerat.limitedrun.com/products/543157-heavy-trash-noir

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