Jon Spencer – Birmingham 02 Academy 2, Birmingham, UK (23 October 2018)

Jon Spencer show at Birmingham 02 Academy 2, Birmingham, UK with The Melvins on 23 October 2018.

nb. The band was later to become known as ‘Jon Spencer & The HITmakers’

The HITmakers:

Vocals / Guitar: Jon Spencer
Keys: Sam Coomes
Drums: M.Sord
Metal / Percussion: Bob Bert


Do The Trashcan
Just Wanna Die
Alien Humidity
Time 2 Be Bad
Beetle Boots
Tough Times in Plastic Land
Shirt Jac
I Got The Hits
Pretty Fuck Look
The Loveless – Roadrunner

“All our rock and roll heroes should look like Jon Spencer, the legendary garage rocker who forged his reputation with The Blues Explosion through Pussy Galore, Boss Hog and Heavy Trash. Lithe, sexy, sharply dressed and a stage presence that could surely only be possible after violently forcing Lux Interior, Stiv Bators and Elvis Presley into a swamp blues grinder and choking on the results. Untouchable live, at the O2 Academy Spencer and his band create a beautifully cataclysmic staccato riot of noise that is sonically engineered to perfection, and just who can resist a band whose percussion is pounded out using hammers.”

“Highlights from Spencer’s set include ‘Do The Trash Can’, the first single from new album Spencer Sings the Hits, a rendition of Pussy Galore’s ‘Just Wanna Die’. ‘Ghost’ from the new album and the most thunderous version of ‘Roadrunner’ we’ve ever heard bring things to a close, ending in a rail of bristling feedback. As Jon Spencer himself proclaims, “We beat the shit out of that one”. – Giles Logan (”

Live Photo: Paul Reynolds



HITmakers show #20