The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Controversial Negro [2010] (CD, US)

18 May 2010 Shout! Factory / Majordomo Records 826663-11816
01. Get With It
02. Can’t Stop
03. Son of Sam
04. Cool Vee
05. Afro
06. R.L. Got Soul
07. Blues X Man
08. Watermain
09. Love all of Me
10. Fuck Shit Up
11. Hot Shot
12. Skunk
13. The Vacuum of Loneliness
14. Sticky
15. Bellbottoms
16. The Feeling of Love
17. Down Low
18. Dynamite Lover
19. Flavor
20. Full Grown
21. Train #2
22. Train #3
23. Soul Typecast
24. Support a Man
25. Greyhound
26. Sweat
27. Backslider
28. ’78 Style
29. Dissect
Expanded release of Controversial Negro.

This release copies the artwork and design of the Japanese release and includes the original photo booklet and an additional insert featuring the Mike Edison sleeve notes (the booklets are numbered ‘826663-11816-B1’ and ‘826663-11816-B2’).

In comparison to the Japanese release the 2010 expanded reissues adds Bellbottoms to the original running-order and an additional 9 tracks recorded at DPC in Tucson on October 30, 1994.

This version copies the artwork and design of the Japanese edition. Previously issued as a promo LP (US), promo CD (UK) and limited / regular CD in Japan. The title for this album comes from the Public Enemy song Burn Hollywood Burn from their 1990 album Fear of a Black Planet. Towards the end of the track someone asks Flava Flav the following question:

“Now we’re considering how do you for a part in our new production, how do you feel about playing a controversial negro?”

The artwork used on the promotional version along with the title Controversial Negro was originally intended for Now I Got Worry.

This reissue (p) & © 2010 The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion under license to Majordomo Records, a division of Shout! Factory LLC, 2042-A Armacost Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90025

Reissue Produced: Jon Spencer
A&R: Derek Dressler
Business Affairs: Dave McIntosh
Remastered: Fred Kevorkian at Kevorkian Mastering, Inc.

Live sound by Peter Arsenault

1 – 20 recorded live November 25, 1996 at The Hotel Congress in Tuscon, Arizona, by Jim Waters, assisted: Saylor Breckenridge
Mixed by Jim Waters at Waterworks West

21- 29 recorded live October 30, 1994 at the DPC in Tucson, Arizona, by Jim Waters
Mixed: Jim Waters at Waterworks West in 2005

All songs:
Writers: Spencer/Explosion
Published: Dirty Shirt, BMI


01. Get With It
Writers: Explosion/Feathers
Published: Dirty Shirt, BMI/C. Feathers Publishing, BMI

02. Can’t Stop
Writers: Explosion/Nishita
Published: Dirty Shirt, BMI/Fido Speaks Music, BMI

03. Son of Sam
Writers: Luanda/Gee
Published: Kapitalist Music, ASCAP

10. Fuck Shit Up
Writers: Dub Narcotic
Published: Gravedigger Blues, BMI

19. Flavor
Writers: Campbell/Spencer/Explosion
Published: Cyanide Breathmint Music, BMG Songs inc. ASCAP/Dirty Shirt, BMI

[Includes second booklet with liner notes by Mike Edison]

“Thank You: Cristina, Peter Arsenault, Saylor Breckenridge, Chris Fahey, Miwa Kuroki, Matador, Niko Tavernise

Controversial Negro was originally released on May 7, 1997

Dirty Shirt Rock N Roll: The First Ten Years
Now I Got Worry
Year One
Extra Width + Mo Width
Orange + Experimental Remixes
Acme + Xtra Acme USA”

Package Design: Jimmy Hole
Production: Jeff Palo
Artwork/Package Supervision: Karrie Stouffer
Liner Notes: Mike Edison
Editorial Supervision: Dorothy Stefanski
Production Assistance: Robert Kim
Photos: Christian Lantry and Ali Smith
Design: David Warner and Jon Spencer
Lettering: Take-shit & Akira

BARCODE: 8 26663 11816
ISB: 978-1-60399-379-1

MATRIX: “DIDX-254169 1 IFPIL327”