The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Wail (CD, UK)

28 April 1997 Mute CDMUTE204
01. Wail (Video Mix)
02. Yellow Eyes
03. Buscemi
04. Turn Up Greene
Stickered card sleeve with printed card inner sleeve.

Money Mark appears on Buscemi, Yellow Eyes and Turn Up Greene. (all of which would later be released on the 2010 expanded reissue of Now I Got Worry).

Wail appears on the album Now I Got Worry and was issued as a one track promo CD in the US and was released as a single in the UK on [Grey] 7″, [Green] 7″ and CD.

The “John Spencer Blues Explosion” cover artwork was written in Tipex on an escalator hand-rail at Tottenham Court Road underground station in London (there was also a second part further down which just said “Damn”) on the day of the show at the Astoria (6 October 1996).

Each of the sleeves features a slightly different photo by William Bankhead of the same text.

During an interview with Jon Spencer was asked about the origins of the song Buscemi:

I assume your song “Buscemi” is about one of my all-time favorite actors, Steve Buscemi.
Sure, that’s an instrumental written in this weird, funky little studio in Dallas. We were on tour with the Beastie Boys, supporting them. It was a weird thing, playing these big arenas. We got to be real friendly with their keyboard player, Money Mark. I think we had day off, and he asked if we wanted to go a session at this funky little eight-track studio. That was one of the improvisations that just sort of happened. There was a lot of Money Mark on Now I Got Worry. He had a real influence on that record.”

01. Wail (Video Mix)
Writers: Spencer/Explosion
Published: © 1996 Spencer/Explosion
Recorded & Mixed at Waterworks West, Tuscon, AZ. 1996 with Jim Waters.
Thanks to Mario C.

02. Yellow Eyes
Writers: Spencer/Explosion
Recorded at G Son LA, CA. with Mario C.
Mixed at Waterworks West, Tuscon, AZ with Jim Waters.
Organ: Money Mark

03. Buscemi
Writers: Explosion/Nishita
Recorded somewhere in Dalls, TX, 1995 with Peter Arsenault.
Mixed: Waterworks West, Tuscon, AZ. 1996 with Jim Waters.
Organ: Money Mark.

04. Turn Up Greene
Writers: Spencer/Explosion
Recorded and Mixed at G Son LA, CA. 1996 with Mario C.
Piano: Money Mark
Saxophone: Jon Wahl
Thanks to Cristina.

“Sleeve Design: Ben Drury
Photo: William Bankhead

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The original version of ‘Wail’ appears on the album ‘Now I Got Worry’ (CDStumm132)
CDMUTE204 LC5834″

BLUES EXPLOSION: Judah Bauer, Russell Simins, Jon Spencer.”

STICKER INFO: “The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. ‘Wail’. CDMUTE204.”

DISC INFO: “‘Wail’ by the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. All rights reserved. Unauthorised reproduction, copying, lending, hiring, broadcast & public performance is prohibited (p) 1997 mute records. (c) 1997 mute records.”

Sleeve Design: Ben Drury
Photo: William Bankhead

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