Jon Spencer – Boss Hog: Guitars / Amps / Pedals / Etc.

An on-going attempt to list equipment used by Jon Spencer. Please contact the site with any corrections / additional information.

Gear info and research by Sha Rivari (

unbranded Japanese guitar*

*his first guitar, same as in Pussy Galore
Zim-Gar EJ-2-T (with headstock cut straight)*

*had a star sticker from about 1993
1991- 1993
Aria 1802T1993
Silvertone (Harmony) 1478 with non-stock tailpiece and non-stock whammy bar

1995 / 1996
Silvertone (Harmony) 1476 with standard white truss rod cover1998 - 2009
Silvertone (Harmony) 1476 with black truss rod cover2010+
Marshall head (probably JCM800) + cab1993
Music Man 212 HD1996
Fender Reverb Deluxe + Vox AC302000
Fender Tweed (possibly Fender Twin) 2000s
Fender Tweed (possibly Blues Deluxe)2000s
(Possibly) Fender Super Reverb 4x10 (70s or 80s Silverface edition)2000s
Vox AC302000s +
Fender Hot Rod DeVille 2x122008
Vox AC15 CC1 + Peavey Solo Series Bandit 652010 +
Vox AC15 CC1 + Peavey Solo Series Bandit 75 2010 +
Peavey Solo Series Bandit 75 only2016
Vox AC30 (one speaker covered) (most venues in Spain)2018
Pro Co RAT 2 distortion1990
unclear blue pedal2000
Roger Mayer Octavia2000s
unclear pedal w approx. 2 knobs (probably fuzz or distortion)2000s
Boss TU22000s - 2015 approx.
pedal with top mounted jacks, could be green or silver in colour, looks close to a Way Huge but it appears to be angled, small toggle switch at top and at least 2 knobs2010
TC Electronic Polytune2015 +
unclear pedal, could be the same as from the 2000s photos but looks like it has a DC power input on the top which the other one doesn't so may be something else2016
Dunlop Germanium Fuzzface Mini2016
Way Huge Conquistador Fuzz → Dunlop Germanium Fuzzface Mini2017 +
Switch pedal for amps2017 +

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